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Andrey Tikhonov has led last match as the football player

Next, 24 - j round of the championship of Russia on football has appeared rich on events. But all of them have appeared in a shade of farewell to the football player who has finished at professional level till 40 years.

Andrey Tikhonov in this season has returned in Spartak . Formally - as the trainer. But the unfading halfback has been declared for a season also as the operating football player. Once it already has appeared in the field in structure it is red - white - in a cup match against Krasnodar . Also was, despite the age, one of the best in the field. This time Tikhonov`s exit was initially announced as farewell to career of the player. And thousand the fans who have come in Luzniki on a match Spartaka with Krylja Sovetov first of all wanted to spend the captain. And for samartsev Tikhonov`s figure, to put it mildly, not another`s - Andrey has spent in Wings five years.

the Protagonist of evening left in a starting lineup under 90 - m number - tihonovsky 11 - j Vellitonu for a long time belongs. But banners on tribunes have been decorated by drawings with 11 - m number and a surname Tikhonov on a back. Fans thanked Andrey - the player and wished its of good luck already in a role of the trainer. And Tikhonov has thanked their excellent game, and already in a debut has organised a goal De Zeuv became which author. On 28 - j to minute Andrey has perfectly well hung, and already Makgidi has undersigned for collars - 2:0.

In the ending of the first time Tikhonov under a stadium applause has left a field, has given way to young Kozlovu and has transferred a captain`s bandage to goalkeeper Andrey Dikanju. And in a break it has again appeared on a lawn Luzniki but already accompanied by two sons and the owner Spartaka Leonid Feduna. Tikhonov very touchingly thanked fans and a club management. And Leonid Fedun has expressed hope that with Tikhonov - the trainer it is red - white will precisely solve a problem to win a champion`s title. Bosses of Muscovites have there and then presented to Andrey a magnificent gift - white BMW of a representation class which has left on the stadium tied with a red ribbon.

After such ceremony Spartak of course, simply had no right to squander the advantage extracted in the first time. Also has accurately finished game to an important victory. Moreover, on 80 - j to minute Emenike has finished the account to large - 3:0 in advantage Spartaka .

Moscow the Dynamo with the same account a pair of clocks earlier has beaten in Himkah Perm Amkar . It is white - blue knowingly carry an informal rank most playing commands of this championship. In last round they a skating rink have walked on CSKA - 4:0, and now did not begin to postpone a capture of gate of less status contender. Voronin has filled up the bombardirsky the account already on 10 - j to minute. However, after that dinamovtsy have quickly enough calmed down, and in an ending of a time of a tribune even began to whistle discontentedly - permjaki obviously intercepted the initiative. But in a break the head coach of Muscovites Sergey Silkin, obviously, has introduced in actions of a command of a corrective amendment and stimulated them on the further feats.

As a result - on 60 - j to minute the next goal has hammered in spending brilliant season Igor Semshov. And four minutes prior to the termination of basic time the recruit " has caused a stir also; the Dynamo nehajchik - 3:0. This result has deduced a command of Silkina on the second place in the table, and the next yellow card of Kurani became a unique occasion to frustration, from - for which the forward will pass a match in Samara.

Capital CSKA in turn has not too successfully gone to Rostov-on-Don. Local fans have noted arrival of the leader of the championship an amicable campaign on stadium - on tribunes there was a notice. And already on the fifth minute torsidu Rostov Kruglov has pleased. With penal Vladimir Gabulov could not reflect its mighty blow. Everything, on what soldiers in this game have sufficed - to even up scores. Has rescued it is red - dark blue main bombardir commands of Dumbija - 1:1. This account poverg CSKA in despondency, after all the command has not simply lost points. Soldiers have conceded to competitors both the first, and the second place.

- the Most part of a match we supervised a meeting course, - the head coach of CSKA Leonid Slutsky has noticed after a match. - I Think, we were is closer to victory. As a matter of fact the contender had one blow in an alignment. And we are very annoyed that have drawn.

Well and leadership in the championship belongs now Petersburg to Zenith . And the command of Luchano Spalletti has extracted it in an extreme situation. Already in a meeting debut in Kazan sine - it is white - blue conceded to the Ruby 0:2. But Zenith has quickly enough won back one ball - a goal on Shirokov`s account. And in the second time time of Danni has come. Portuguese plejmejker Zenith on 50 - j to minute of an abacus has made even, and on 68 - j has organised an excellent combination which itself and has finished exact blow - 3:2 in favour of Petersburg club.

In other matches following results have been fixed: Tom` - Krasnodar - 0:4, Volga - Spartak Nch - 1:0, Terek - the Locomotive - 0:4. Game Kuban - Anzhi has come to the end after number signing in the press.

the Photo: RIA News