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France will participate in the project of creation resort klastera in the North Caucasus

Huge step to development of the North Caucasus name experts results come to the end in Sochi H, an anniversary International investment forum.

signing of the agreement on creation Russian - the French joint venture which has taken place in the presence of the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin became One of key events.

Official registration of joint venture it is planned to finish till the end of November, 2011.

we Will remind, at a forum the agreement on it have concluded Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus and France - Caucase - state corporation Caisse branch des Depots et Consignations. The joint venture Authorized capital stock will make 10 million euro.

From them of 51 percent - a share Resorts of the North Caucasus 49 percent remain behind the French party, has informed the director for the European and international projects Caisse des Depots et Consignations, heads France - Caucase to Lorana Vizhe. It is supposed that the joint venture will co-ordinate the conceptual program of development and building klastera. The new structure will be engaged in working out business - project plans and attraction of investors.

- practical realisation of statements of presidents of Russia and France about intention by joint efforts to construct on caucasus resorts of the international level Has begun, the chairman of board of directors of Open Society " speaks; Resorts of the North Caucasus the vice-president of the Olympic committee of Russia Ahmed Bilalov. - the Return way is not present. It is huge responsibility, but also a huge perspective step to the decision of safety issues, economic and social development of region.

Frenchmen estimate the General investment capacity of the project in 15 billion dollars. And the Russian side main task, experts consider, not only to create all conditions for project realisation, but also to fix them legislatively.

As it is known, France the first of foreign partners has accepted the invitation to participate in the project of creation resort klastera in the North Caucasus. However, Bilalov specifies, it does not mean that other foreign companies reluctantly go on contact.

- a Number of prisoners at the Sochi forum of contracts with foreign partners is not only acknowledgement of viability of the project North Caucasian tourist klastera, but also the proof of its commercial perspectivity and investment appeal, - Bilalov ascertains.

the Bright example - huge interest which have shown to to mountain business the Korean investors. At a forum they have signed the memorandum of cooperation with Resorts of the North Caucasus Intending to construct in region five warmly - and power stations. The volume of investments into this power project will make about one billion dollars. In a month of the party have agreed to create joint venture and to distribute shares in it the investment agreement.

that in signed Russian - the Korean memorandum intention of the parties to develop the project warmly - and power supply of resorts with observance of the international ecological standards especially makes a reservation Is important also.

- We are ready to incur a role of the leader in preservation of an ecosystem of region, - the general director of Open Society " has declared; Resorts of the North Caucasus Alexey Nevsky at session the round table which has passed within the limits of a forum in Sochi. - the company will develop a set of principles of protection of environment against which will lean in all actions. Principles will capture all key sites, including land tenure, water resources, energy, woods, regional and international cooperation, public informing. We hope that precedent of careful wildlife management becomes an example of realisation of any other system efforts directed on economic and social development not only region, but also all country.

In the end of a forum it became known about one small sensation - KSK and English - German consortium Astor Dress & Sommer Consrotium have signed the report on intentions concerning cooperation in the field of investments. The parties intend to develop cooperation on realisation of civil-engineering designs of a mounting skiing resort Lagonaki the Apsheronsky area of Krasnodar territory located in territory, and Maikop area of Republic Adygea, and also a mounting skiing resort Mamison in the North Ossetia.

- We at the initial stage of studying of the project North Caucasian tourist klastera, - the president of consortium Astor Dress & speaks; Sommer Consrotium Michael Lubenets, - but already we see its huge potential and we hope soon to leave on the same level of interaction which is already reached between Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus and the French corporation Caisse des Depots et Consignations.

According to group economist UK finam Management Alexander Osina, was one of the intriguing moments come to the end H the International investment forum in Sochi what interest will be shown by investors to investments in the least stable, from the point of view socially - political risks, regions of the North Caucasus. It is already clear that results have surpassed expectations if to speak about the Caucasian direction . As, as analysts mark, risks of investments on sectors of investments are levelled. And it becomes the important factor for attraction of capitals in North Caucasian region.

By the way, Resorts of the North Caucasus in days of work of the Sochi forum have reached the important agreement and with the large player of the Russian bank sector. The foreign trade and investment bank will render to new partners of service of investment consultation in the project of creation tourist klastera on Severo - the Caucasian federal district, Krasnodar territory and Republic Adygea. Besides, the bank will develop a complex of programs of crediting of investment projects, small and average business in macroregion.

And one more characteristic nuance. In Sochi one of the Republic Adygea companies was connected to the project of creation North Caucasian tourist klastera - investturservis . She intends to participate in building of a hotel infrastructure and accompanying service and to invest in the project of three billion roubles.

the Inquiry

Within the limits of the project North Caucasian tourist klastera in 2011 - 2020 in the south of Russia five new mounting skiing resorts of a world class are under construction: Lagonaki (Krasnodar territory, Adygea), Arhyz (Karachaevo-Circassia), Elbrus - Bezengi (Kabardino - Balkarija), Mamison (North Ossetia) and Matlas (Dagestan). Extent of mountain-skiing lines will make 898 kilometres, 179 lifts will be constructed, capacity of hotels is planned on 89 thousand places, daily throughput klastera - 150,5 thousand persons. The project assumes stage-by-stage creation in region over 330 thousand workplaces. The government of the Russian Federation considers a question on inclusion in the project tourist klastera the Caspian coastal territories of Dagestan, Mineral Waters and Dzhejrahsky area of Ingushetia.