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TV - the review: the Ending of show of parodies the Big difference and anniversary Zinovija Gerdta

Favourite masterpieces of Hollywood in City fops again are tired out at late night - the beginning from displays on night TV channel for ten minutes till midnight so is better to look   in pyjamas. Anniversary all-Union Panikovsky - Zinovija Gerdta, From zero to eight-ten. Simon Shnol - original the Word-per-word translation from well-known biophysics. And also -   the second international festival of parodies the Big difference in Odessa,   serials contract Conditions and Sea devils - 5 . Boris Moiseyev arranges own benefit performance, as opening     NTV Concert hall … Channel DTV promptly rejuvenates, turning   in Pepper and selecting hits at the Internet …

the Television is dosed out lets out premieres, and we are spectators, as usual, we watch a situation.

the First channel: Two the Big differences

the Ending of the Second international festival of parodies the Big difference in Odessa on the First channel on September, 23rd at 21:30. That   this festival of humour passes on a scene of the well-known Odessa Opera theatre - in itself looks as a parody. But, probably, its organizers dream of those times when the parody becomes classical art - and do for this purpose all possible. In comparison with last year the festival has passed with even big scope that has allowed to expand and the competitive program. In a role of special visitors participants " have acted; prozhektorperishilton both the Quartet And and also masters of thin musical parodies Igudesman & Joo and constant troupe of actors of show the Big difference .   Into jury of competition of parodists have entered Xenia Sobchak, Sergey Bezrukov, Boris Burda and Michael Bojarsky. Among visitors of festival were Garik Kharlamov, Alexander Olejnikov, Christina Asmus, Svetlana Loboda, Oleg Skripka and many other things. Judges too have caused a stir. Xenia Sobchak, more than once sparodirovannaja others, has amazed all with the parody to the Lady the Eider.

the Premiere of a documentary film Michael Pugovkin. The Protagonist of the second plan where the author and the leader - Leonid Yakubovich, on the First on September, 24th in 10. 55.   the Director of a picture - Fuad Shabanov.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

… the Actor`s destiny at Michael Pugovkina could not develop. Directly from its set of the film first in life Business of Artamonovyh the talented fellow have taken away on front. It and has gone on war in what was - a vest and slippers. In August, 1942 near Voroshilovgrad it have wounded in a foot. The diagnosis of the doctor has sounded, as a sentence - the gangrene has begun, amputation is inevitable. Lying on an operational table, Michael Pugovkin has grieved not that will lose possibility to go... It mourned over the dream - to become the actor …

to Look Ilya Shabardina`s photo report

On the First channel - the third selection round of the most national show Minute of glory. Dreams come true! (on September, 25th in 19. 10). Together with Alexander Maslyakov and Larissa Guzeevoj actor Alexander Mihajlov will estimate numbers konkursantov. Perhaps, this release becomes the richest on ardent speeches: the grandmother 2 - the summer grandson makes a declaration of love to Dmitry Shepelevu, and one of konkursantov will propose to the girl directly in studio! That participants of show have acted successfully and worried less, they are helped by Carmens Rjust (the creative director of show Circus dju Salts ) And Edgard Zapashnyj,   and also Anastas Zavorotnjuk and Egor Druzhinin. Leading shows: Alexander Oleshko, Julia Kovalchuk and Dmitry Shepelev.

New   a multiseries feature film   contract Conditions on the First   the channel   on weekdays, 19 - on September, 22nd at 21:30. It is a melodrama which mentions a theme of substitute motherhood - before it tried to avoid. The heroine - Masha Pavlova -   prepares for wedding. Its groom Victor - the person hard-working, teetotal both reliable. And life with it promises to be quiet and measured. But on the eve of a holiday there is a tragedy … Masha Katjusha`s Younger sister, decorating a hall for celebrations, falls from a step-ladder. Doctors ascertain: at the girl - a brain cancer. It is necessary urgent   expensive operation. Masha addresses for the help to the groom. But Victor considers that to Katya any more will not help, and to sell the bought apartment unreasonably. To rescue the sister, Masha goes to capital private clinic and agrees to become substitute mother... In roles: Elena Velikanova (Masha), Cyril Safonov (Oleg), Natalia Rudova (Marina), Marina Kudelinsky (Olga Sergeevna) and others.   the director of a film Igor Muzhzhuhin says that it in this project was involved with character of the main heroine: It all time faces necessity of a moral choice. It has a conscience, quality which recently all forget .

the Night channel City fops represents masterpieces New Hollywood . An epoch New Hollywood   has given to the world such known   directors,   as Stanley Kubrik, Frensis Ford   Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, Vudi Allen, Robert Oltman, Dennis the Hopper and others.   And their films have made stars of actors Dastina Hofman, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dzhina Hekmana and others. Within the limits of the channel City fops - films - masterpieces New Hollywood . Peter Fonda in a film of Dennisa of the Hopper the Careless goer - on September, 19th at 23:40. Jeff Bridzhes and   Sibil Sheperd in Peter Bogdanovicha`s film Last film session -       on September, 21st at 23:50. Jack Nicholson in a film of the Bean of Rejfelsona Five easy plays -       on September, 20th at 23:50.   Donald Sutherland in Robert Oltmena`s film Military - field hospital -   on September, 22nd at 23:50.

Russia 1 : potustoronnee

Continuing long-playing serial projects, the channel this week does an emphasis on documentary cinema. On September, 20th at 23:50 - a film I Cause spirit Macedonian. Spiritism .   There are many adaptations for dialogue with inhabitants of the other world   - from planshetok for the automatic letter to the most primitive:   saucers with an arrow and a sheet of paper with the letters of the alphabet written on it. But   in the last half a century to communicate with mysterious sushchnostjami it became possible directly, without   mediums and planshetok. It was found out that spirits try to contact people with the help   tape recorders, radio - and television receivers, phones and computers (so-called a phenomenon of electronic voices ) . For communication with inhabitants of other world the special especially sensitive equipment, and   is created; contacts to them by means of means   are called   tool   transcommunications - ITK. Researches in this area are conducted in all developed countries. Many books, scientific reports and articles on ITK, contacts containing documentary proof with died,   are abroad published; up to those photos to whom it was possible to communicate, including recognised, celebrated personalities. But in Russia these workings out are almost unknown, we know nothing about achievements of a world science in the field of transcommunication communication …

22   September at 23:50 - a film Arcady Koshko. The genius of Russian investigation . Arcady Frantsevich Koshko - the well-known Russian detective. Its own destiny - the detective novel, and life - history of Russian investigation. Riga, Petersburg, Moscow, Crimea, Constantinople - places of its service. Arcady Koshko - the founder of modern criminalistics. It in world practice has begun for the first time wide application in detective business of dactyloscopy and anthopometrical ordering. The film is under construction on   the real criminal cases described by the author, and also on the story about   achievements of the great Russian detective. In a picture   two subject lines alternate. In a film also it is told about how Koshko has managed   to overcome     corruption in police   and so to organise investigation in a huge city that within first three years of administrative activity in Moscow it practically has alone finished with all organised crime.

TV the Center: Forecasts - on the future                            

on September, 21st in 19. 55 on the channel   there is a next release of the program Forecasts . This time the leader who has started to work with the beginning of a new teleseason,   Maxim Vitorgan with its visitors will discuss a theme When newspapers will die? from the point of view the lecturer blogera and writer Andrey Miroshnichenko, serious newspapers will die soon. It defends this version, and to object it on program shootings have tried Stanislav   Kozlovsky - the candidate of psychological sciences, the research assistant of faculty of psychology of the Moscow State University of a name M.V.Lomonosova, the manager of Wikipedia,   the chief executive   Wikimedia Russia (NP Vikimedia RU ) Both journalists Maxim Kononenko and Marina Saed - the Shah.

on September, 23rd in   22:50 Larissa Golubkina   - the heroine   programs of Kiry Proshutinsky the Wife .     It       could become the superstar, but has put all forces           in the husband - Andrey Mironov. So, anyway, consider native and friends of the actress. The woman who without hesitation has thrown   the husband right after births of the child,   idolised the second spouse, forgave it failures and romantic   hobbies, and after his death has preferred more   not to search for happiness and to remain the widow. Itself       the actress does not consider the destiny ideal, but   blames for it not the star husband, and and     the children`s complexes...

Leonid Mlechina`s Premiere of the film Michael Jackson. A deadly prick - on Saturday on September, 24th, in 15. 50. … When on June, 25th, 2009 world news agencies have extended on the world mournful news about death of bottoms - an idol, professional cynics have assumed that 50 - the summer idol of public, dramatized the death, simply having decided to cancel forthcoming concerts. And only native precisely knew that Michael already is not present, and sister Latojja has been assured at once that her brother have killed. Circumstances of death of Jackson became a criminal investigation subject: the Office of Public Prosecutor has brought to doctor Mjurreju accusation in unintentional murder. In the conclusion of the pathologist appeared that the singer has died of anaesthetic overdose. But there is also other version …

To 95 - letiju Zinovija Gerdta (the actor was born on September, 21st, 1916) - on TV the Center a documentary film Zinovy Gerdt. I not the comedian... (on September, 25th, 16. 15). Michael Samuelevicha Panikovsky`s role in the Gold calf has brought Zinoviju Gerdtu all-Union glory. But the actor spoke: I not the comedian! . And the range of its talent was really much more widely those frameworks in which it was exhausted quite often by directors … In transfer take part Eldar Ryazanov, Alexander Shirvindt, Galina Shergova, Tatyana Pravdina, Robert Ljapidevsky, Michael Mishin, Peter Todorovsky.

NTV: the Sea devil on customs

the Serial - Sea devils - again on NTV (on weekdays since September, 19th,   in 19. 30).   Four a sea devil four members of spetsnaz - Batja (Oleg Chernov), Bagira (Darya Jurgens), the Cat (Anton Guljaev) and the Reef (Michael Tarabukin)   come back to the spectator in the fifth season.                     this long-playing the insurgent is devoted sea members of spetsnaz of the Navy of Russia. All names and fighting pseudonyms in a serial are invented, and group of fighting swimmers of special function the Typhoon did not exist never. In the fifth season Sea devils desperate to typhoons it is necessary to find out, on what vessel criminals will take out the weapon from the country, secretly to get on the landing-stage grasped by insurgents where are kept   hostages to catch up with the boundary boat stolen by prisoners, run away of prison, to neutralise a bomb found on a beach, to prevent provocation in one of ports   the Near East, directed on discredit of the Russian seamen and also to go on one of the Russian ships standing in the high sea where has suffered ship-wreck a foreign vessel, and of the Joint Staff are assured that it was engaged not in ecological researches, and conducted investigation …

Friday evening. On September, 23rd, in 21. 25 channel begins the new project NTV Concert hall .   Benefit performances a top - stars of the Russian show - business and world celebrities, birthdays of outstanding people of our time, musical competitions, including the international, special film premieres and many other things. Here that it is necessary to see to televiewers. The best the tamer halls - transformers Vadim Takmenev becomes leaders of the program. And the first benefit performance will arrange … to Boris Moiseyev. On a visit to benefitsiantu Vajkule, Alexander Buinov, Lolita, Taisija Povaly, Verka Serdjuchka, Nikolay Trubach, " will come Joseph Kobzon, Lima; Comedy Woman Elena Vorobej and others.   but on the screen there will be not a traditional concert, and interactive show. In a traditional documentary part the leader will tell, how Moiseyev began the dancer in the first in Soviet Union of a variety show, and had the salary more than at Pugachevoj. As on one of such performances it was noticed by the Prima donna …

For all years on a scene its concerts tried to break forty times. But after a stroke in many cities where when - that Moiseyev named the obscurantist the same people wished it the prompt recover and returning to a scene. Doctors have not been assured even of, whether Boris Moiseyev &hellip can go, speak again; However it is less, than in a month it independently will rise, will take the first step and directly in chamber will start to rehearse. Now it should complete everything that it was necessary to postpone. The clip presentation, a new album and that solo concert   which name he has thought up to illness. it not all .

Culture : the Word-per-word translation biophysics

Since September, 19th at 23:00, from Monday till Thursday, on air of the channel of the prime minister of a documentary serial From 0 to 80. Simon Shnol .   It is removed in the spirit of the saga, as well as a film the Word-per-word translation with Liliannoj Lunginoj. This time about time and about itself the well-known biophysicist Simon Shnol tells. Through a prism of the biography of the hero the whole epoch appears at us - from reprisals 1930 - h years and ruin of military years before revival of the country and formation of new scientific knowledge. The scientist also tells about children of the subjected to repression parents, among which he, Tatyana and Yury Trifonovy, Natalia Bekhterev, Andrey Trubetsky and its many other contemporaries. The first film " is devoted it; Physics of a shot (on September, 19th, 23:00).

on September, 25th at 22:40 Culture represents a direct transmission of a concert of the Big symphonic orchestra of P.I.Tchaikovsky from Gold hall Musikverein. Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev. At 21:05 - a premiere of a documentary film the Person and an orchestra. Vladimir Fedoseyev devoted to the glorified collective and its head.

the Big symphonic orchestra of P.I.Tchaikovsky led by the art director and the main conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev became the first of the Russian collectives who constantly acts with cycles of concerts in Gold hall Musikverein. This year to an orchestra honour to open a new concert season of the Gold hall for the first time has dropped out. Performed by an orchestra Peter Ilicha Tchaikovsky and Dmitry Dmitrievicha Shostakovich`s products will sound. Soloist Arabella Shtajnbaher (violoncello).

the Film the Person and an orchestra. Vladimir Fedoseyev -     The story about joint creativity of the conductor and an orchestra. A picture   slightly opens doors of a rehearsal hall of the Big symphonic orchestra of P.I.Tchaikovsky and involves the spectator in uneasy mutual relations of collective with the main conductor - Vladimir Fedoseyev.

REN of TV: New news

Since September, 19th total releases of the program News 24 with Michael Osokin and Andrey Dobrovym will leave in 22. 30, right after programs the Emergency call 112 . I will remind that to an early autumn of 2011 the program REN of TV News 24 has received: new studio and registration. Prolongation of a ruler of the releases 16. 30 - 17. 00 on Saturday and Sunday and   Andrey Dobrova as the new leader … And now during new time total releases of the program will go on the air.

  - Time slot 22. 30 - 23. 00 - it is convenient and even it is unique. - Andrey Dobrov, -   speaks; It is convenient, because gives the chance to give to spectators a full cut of the main events of day. And it is unique that, on an extreme measure for today, news programs on federal TV channels will leave at this time only our total releases.

on September, 24th, on Saturday, in 18. 00 on REN of TV the new project Star stories where celebrities tell about themselves. Themes will be disputable and interesting. The first: show stars - business were whom earlier? How are connected Ilya Lagutenko and marine sea fleet, Pavel Volja and school textbooks, Tarzan and the spaceship? The second: whether really to subdue show - business twice? And why Ivan Okhlobystin, choosing between church service and cinema, has chosen the last? On what for the sake of returning Evgenie Pljushchenko is ready to go to big-time sports? The third: an old age - not pleasure or a success secret? At what age have come to show - business Elena Vaenga, Stas Mihajlov and that has changed in Boris Smolkina`s life after a role in To my fine nurse ? The fourth: Why politicians, sportsmen and businessmen start to sing? About what Vladimir Zhirinovsky and how at businessmen from prestigious settlement bent for to actor`s skill has opened sings? In the program will be obsyzhdatsja and other questions. And release   from September, 24th   it is devoted, how to Wake up well-known .   whether there Will be a creative career at young beginning actors? On this theme their senior colleagues on shop argue.

House : And all good also is dream

on September, 25th   on Sunday, at 12:50, on the channel of the prime minister of the program Where result dreams . The leader   - actress Tatyana Ljutaeva -   tells about stories of legendary places, where   people aspire to think of desires. The actress is convinced what to dream not only is not harmful, but also vital. Only so it is possible   To achieve execution secret. In the first release televiewers learn a legend about the bronze Mermaid, about a wonder-working place under the name of deserts Optina and that hide behind itself majestic atlanty - 10 statues which   decorate a portico of the New Hermitage in St.-Petersburg.

DTV: the Channel with perchinkoj

TV channel DTV spends a scale rebrending. Since October, 1st the channel will start to broadcast under a new logo - Pepper . Together with a brand the grid of programs almost completely will change. Cinema stars, TV and the Internet become leaders of transfers.

Pepper stakes on spectators at the age from 25 till 59 years. People 35 - should become 45 years a target audience kernel: Forty-year today - at all that were earlier. This generation of people which in a youth lighted on raves, did to itself piercing, probably, even tried to change consciousness. Now they have become staid, have given birth to children, have constructed houses. Their present physical age not always corresponds emotional, all of them are still ready to light, but is already virtual. And, of course, they actively use the Internet where find essentially sharper content, than that gives them today TV - Dmitry Troitsky, the general director of TV channel speaks.

In this season on TV channel there are at once 10 new programs. The flagman project - a reality - show with Dmitry Nagievym Mum in the law in which 14 brides try to choose from 7 grooms and to achieve blessing of their mothers. On Pepper with the projects will appear not only such known media persons, as Dmitry Nagiev, Michael Porechenkov, Bogdan Titomir and Alexander Revva, but also Internet stars: Maxim Golopolosov conducting popular on YouTube videobzorov +100500 And also Vladimir Vinogradov who has become famous on all Runet army bajkami.