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For the decision of problems with water in the Russian Federation will allocate almost 300 billion roubles

By 2020 in Russia should not remain regions where there would be problems with water. Now a number of the ministries and departments develops the federal target program Development of a water economic complex of Russia in 2012 - 2020 .

from the federal budget it is supposed to allocate For its realisation of 291,8 billion roubles. The document will be ready to the end of October.

In spite of the fact that Russia on water-supplies takes in the lead positions in the world, problems with its use at us are. As Marina Seliverstov has explained the head of Federal agency of water resources, the hydrographic network extremely is not in regular intervals distributed on territory of the country, in Russia many climatic zones, strongly pronounced seasonal prevalence that defines presence or absence of a sufficient water resource during the concrete period of year.

Today, according to the State water register, in the country about three millions rivers, but water resources only three thousand " are used; - head Rosvodresursov speaks. The basic part of objects of economy and the population is concentrated in the European part of Russia. Beyond Ural Mountains number and population density decreases, but the quantity of water resources increases. It creates considerable anthropogenous loadings on the water objects of the European part negatively influencing their quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

the Program will allow to keep and restore water objects, including by means of building and modernisation of treatment facilities in a tandem with already begun realisation in 2011 the program Pure water - Marina Seliverstov tells.

the Program should remove stress in such regions, as, for example, Kalmykia, Stavropol Territory, Dagestan where there are local deficiencies of water. For example, building of Krasnogorsky hydroknot in Omsk, the Elista water basin in Kalmykia, reconstruction of the Chograjsky water basin - a source of water supply of Stavropol Territory, Dagestan, Kalmykia is planned.

the Program should remove stress with deficiency of water in a number of country regions. In 2,5 times level of pollution of water objects will decrease, water losses

will be reduced It is supposed to solve water problems and at the expense of introduction in economic circulation of new sources of water resources - underground. the considerable part of the developed countries of the world uses underground sources which are more environmentproofed " for drinking water supply; - head Rosvodresursov continues. Russia too has such possibility. Certainly, transition to use of underground sources - a challenge, it demands creation of a new infrastructure. But to work in this direction it is necessary, Marina Seliverstov considers. Underground sources are considered as sources of alternative water supply there where it is possible.

Told at all does not mean refusal of perfection of systems of sewage treatment, therefore it is supposed to register in the program and the actions directed on decrease of volumes of fresh water in technological processes of the industrial enterprises, introduction of water saving up technologies, including by means of application of an ascending scale of a payment for withdrawal of water resources above permitted standard and dumps of polluting substances.

As a whole thanks to the program in Russia level of pollution of water objects should decrease in 2,5 times. Water-retaining capacity of gross national product should decrease for 40 percent, unproductive losses of water twice should be reduced. And the main thing - life expectancy of Russians should increase on 2 - 3 years.