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RG + It was grown 24: In a number of regions of Russia policy OSAGO becomes more expensive

Regional factors of insurance tariffs on OSAGO will grow from - that it is necessary to reduce unprofitableness of this kind of insurance. Nevertheless cost of the new policy remains accessible to overwhelming majority of automobile owners, consider in the Russian union of autoinsurers.

New regional factors of insurance tariffs depending on territory of primary use of a vehicle contain in the governmental order of the Russian Federation which publishes today.

the Basic news to automobile owners consists that from the moment of the introduction of the document into force the maximum doubled factor from the standard insurance rate will be now not only at Moscow. Under the maximum tariff such cities, as Tyumen, Perm, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and Surgut now are estimated.

From this list Tyumen became the champion of increase of regional factor. At this city the former rate was 1,3 while other cities have risen to the maximum factor with former - 1,6.

As have declared to the correspondent in the Russian union of the autoinsurers, one of the reasons of increase of regional factors is inflation. The head of the union Pavel Bunin in official a press - release has noticed that since 2003 it has made 200 percent and in this connection, a number of regions are unprofitable .

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In some regions as he has noted, indicators of work of the insurance companies which are engaged OSAGO connected with level of payments, exceed a critical threshold of unprofitableness in 77 percent . According to RSA, following the results of 5 months 2011 such situation is observed at 29 insurance companies, thus their number constantly grows. Among regions with unprofitable OSAGO Sverdlovsk area, republics Dagestans, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, the Ulyanovsk, Murmansk areas and a number of other subjects of the Russian Federation.

From - for unprofitableness of some regions market OSAGO has left a number of the regional insurance companies. Simultaneously with it, according to the Russian union of autoinsurers, in 2009 growth of payments has made 7 percent at 6 - percentage growth of awards, and in 2010 of payment have increased by 11 percent at 8 - percentage growth of awards.

As to values of factors, that minimum regional koeefitsienty base rate OSAGO (0,6 from base factor) for cars on - former remained in small cities and settlements of such regions, as republics Buryatiya, Kalmykia, Tuva, Adygea, Kurgan and Magadan areas. Entirely under this size of the lowered rate the Republic Dagestan and Kursk area gets. As a whole new factors in many cities have grown up, though and is not so considerable. For the majority of small settlements of Russia the factor indicator is equal to unit or is in a narrow range from 0,7 to 1,3.

For a number of cities and regions regional factors remained at former level is Moscow Region, Abakan, Birobidzhan, Vladikavkaz, Gubkin, Kogalym, Nalchik and variety of other settlements of the Russian Federation.

As head RSA Pavel Bunin in interview to the correspondent has noted, for 177 cities and 62 regions the factor is raised, for 6 cities and 6 regions - is lowered, and for 116 cities and 10 regions - the factor has not changed. He has underlined that when will raise next time tariffs - to tell difficult enough. the government not each time comes back to this problem - the head of the Russian union of autoinsurers has noted.

Meanwhile, since that moment as obligatory insurance of an autocivil liability has been entered for all vehicles in territory of Russia in 2003, the base rate did not change never. Tariffs were reconsidered all once - in March, 2009. Thus in the beginning of June the Ministry of Finance has directed the bill of increase in base factor to the government.

the Principal cause of the similar initiative consists that it is necessary to raise the size of insurance payments on section harm of life and to health to a half-million of roubles (now 160 thousand roubles) and on section a damage to a vehicle to 400 thousand roubles (now 120 thousand roubles).

the Measure correct, the sums of payments as practice has shown, are really small, however representatives of financial department then have declared that in case of change of regional factors (and it has taken place) the base tariff will be raised for the insignificant sum.