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Spetsialisty have doubted the fact of swindle of the contractor at repair of a heavy cruiser Peter the Great

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Northern fleet has opened a scandalous thing: on repair of a heavy nuclear rocket cruiser Peter the Great unsightly firm umyknula a quarter of billion budgetary roubles.

This news got on tapes of news agencies and published in newspapers, has caused the mixed feelings - rough indignation at uninitiated and doubts in those who though understands modern practice of ship repair and the organisation of tenders in system of the Minister of Defence a little.

After military public prosecutors from Severomorsk on the next loud scandal in sphere gosoboronzakaza heads of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor and the Murmansk regional Department of Internal Affairs have hastened to express. According to these sources, concerning the general director of Joint-Stock Company Special it is industrial - technical base the Asterisk Feodor Barashko criminal case under article " is brought; swindle and he is detained.

the Bases for this purpose, according to inspectors, more than serious. Feodor Barashko a roguish way has withdrawn more a quarter of billion the roubles allocated in frameworks gosoboronzakaza on payment of works on repair of military technology. How it was possible to it? Marvellously simply - has presented for payment fictitious papers. Obviously knowing that the repair of a cruiser provided by state contracts in full is not executed, Barashko in 2010 has made and has personally signed certificates of ostensibly made works, confirm in GVP. On this basis the customer in the name of the Ministry of Defence has transferred into account firms of 356,1 million roubles. Thus cost of outstanding works made, according to military public prosecutors, 265,4 million roubles.

And here at experts the first doubts creep in. To steal on repair three of four roubles - and so that it was noticed by the customer? This of fantasy area.

- Only the cretin can go on forging signatures on acceptance reports of works and to send this linden for payment, - have commented on a surprising situation in a management of known ship-building shipyard with the big package of defensive orders. - such signatures happens at least fourteen. If fictitious papers for so impressive sum have really passed through the Minister of Defence, means, there were preliminary arrangements...

Our interlocutor, for a long time naslyshannyj about Feodor Barashko and its firm, but owing to the clear reasons wished to remain not named, has come out with the assumption that such arrangements could suit not only to the contractor, but also corresponding services of Northern fleet as to the customer. After all all should report, maintain terms. Here and uboltal podpisantov Barashko (or has interested - in it the consequence) let is engaged: Let`s sign reception certificates in time, and everything that was not in time - I undertake to complete...

- In Office of Public Prosecutor this situation could to merge one of what interest have insufficiently stimulated, - our vis-a-vis has concluded. - or someone from competitors of Barashko.

In Polar where there is a cut a poor figure firm, it is possible to name such competitor 10 - j the ship-repair factory, in due time the belonging Navy, and nowadays entering into the ship repair Center the Asterisk Incorporated ship-building corporation. Firm Barashko in the mentioned centre (which has united almost all ship-repair enterprises on Severo - the West and the South of Russia), in OSK does not enter, but coincidence of names - not simple accident.

As it was possible to clear, SPTB the Asterisk in the form of the closed joint-stock company has appeared in a city Polar Murmansk area in 2003. As one of founders has acted then the known ship-repair enterprise Asterisk in Severodvinsk the Arkhangelsk region - at that time FGUP, and now Open Society the Asterisk round which the Center of the ship repair which has entered in OSK is generated. Severodvinsk to the Asterisk and today 20 percent of shares in an authorised capital stock of the firm with the same name on Kola peninsula belong. The remained 80 percent (by data for 2009) were divided between itself by general director Feodor Barashko and certain citizen Lyudmila Nikolenko. Such structure of founders has not prevented SPTB to receive impressive podrjady from the Minister of Defence: in 2008 they have made 173 million, in 2009 - m has been concluded contracts on 125 million roubles, including on repair of a heavy nuclear rocket cruiser Peter the Great and a rocket cruiser Marshal Ustinov . Under data from the same sources, in 2009 the total receipts have made 311 million roubles, and net profit - 27 million.

On Severodvinsk to the Asterisk To our newspaper have declared that do not participate in any way in management of the firm with the same name in Polar. Yes, at the beginning they helped Feodor Barashko to rise on feet and then it poobtersja has struck up acquaintances in a staff of Northern fleet (to it from Polar only 30 kilometres - where more close, than from Severodvinsk) and has ceased to consult on industrial questions. Moreover - began to intercept over and over again favourable podrjady at enterprises TSS the Asterisk offering obviously lower price. and for quite some time now it in general is on tenders with a kind of the winner - regretfully admit the company - to the progenitress.

to Contact someone from heads of firm in Polar and to receive their comment yesterday it was not possible, though the secretary of the arrested general director firmly promised to connect us to the chief executive or the chief engineer. At the moment of number signing in the press have not wished to comment on a situation and in administrations BUT Aleksandrovsk in which territory all described events were developed.

In the meantime

On a press - conferences of the chief Murmansk regional UMVD Igor Batalov it was found out that SPTB the Asterisk spending works on nuclear objects, had on it no corresponding licence Rosatom . As a result concerning the director of Joint-Stock Company criminal cases under articles " are raised; swindle in especially large size and illegal business . According to Batalov, business has considerable judicial prospects .