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Dmitry Medvedev has equated beer to alcohol

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the federal law on state regulation of manufacture and an alcohol turn, including beer which will be equal to alcohol and will not be on sale in stalls and tents, informs a press - service of the Kremlin.

Besides, the law enters an interdiction for alcohol consumption, including beer, minors, and also adults in city parks. According to the law, at retail the organisations can sell alcohol only.

Individual businessmen who trade in stalls more often, cannot sell at retail alcohol, except for beer in which they can trade till January, 1st, 2013. Before this date individual businessmen can trade in beer to 5 % (volume of the maintenance of spirit) that makes 85 % of all beer which is let out in Russia.


Over it antialcoholic the bill people`s choices fought long, trying to combine struggle against drunkenness, interests of the domestic alcoholic industry and requirement of the budget. Norms according to which at legislative level it is forbidden to sell alcohol at night - from 23 o`clock till 8 o`clock are as a result accepted. It is impossible to trade in alcoholic production at retail in places of a mass congestion of the people, and also there where there are sources of the raised danger, - at stations, at the airports, metro stations, the wholesale and retail markets, gasoline stations, military-oriented objects and in territories adjoining to them. The exception becomes only for duty free shops. And in public catering institutions sale of alcoholic production with the maintenance of ethyl spirit no more than 16,5 percent is supposed. But whatever fortress there was a drink, the bill strictly forbids to use it in court yard, entrances, in lifts, in city parks, on beaches. Anywhere and never should, according to the bill, to play about alcohol minors.

Besides, the future law, by words the United Russia party member Victor Zvagelsky, for the first time enters very rigid, accurate and transparent mechanism on branch state regulation . Licensing of alcoholic production with the maintenance of ethyl spirit from 0,5 percent is provided. However, the government should specify the list of foodstuff which contain alcohol half-percent by July, 2012, but to alcoholic production - with all restrictions following from this definition - no any relation has. As believes Zvagelsky, in this list should appear both kvass, and kefir, and other quite innocent drinks - That there were no errors and gamble about it. the given bill - the first step in dealkogolizatsii our country - with optimism has declared Zvagelsky. And the first zamrukovoditelja Duma United Russia party members the committee-man of the State Duma on health protection Tatyana Jakovleva has noticed: Norms will not earn without their irreproachable execution. Population complaints should be checked, be made reports on administrative offences and ruthlessly be fined infringers .