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Dmitry Medvedev has signed the law on manufacture and alcohol sale

Intrigues are ended - Dmitry Medvedev has signed the law on state regulation of alcoholic production. And henceforth beer - not that other as alcoholic production with the maintenance of the ethyl spirit formed in the course of fermentation of a beer mash. Such definition gives the law. It will be published tomorrow century

Round the project serious passions stormed. At last stage manufacturers of kvass and kefir as, as it is known, and in these products the spirit shred contains have begun to panic even. But legislators have calmed: these drinks quite innocent, and they will not get under the state regulation provided for alcohol.

Their manufacture is not threatened with special licensing, and to sale and consumption - restrictions. By July, 2012 the government should prepare the list of foodstuff which contain alcohol half-percent, but alcoholic production are not.

Brewers tried to convince the government and legislators that beer - a special product, spirit in it is formed by natural fermentation, therefore its manufacture and a turn should be regulated differently, rather than usual alcoholic production. Counterargument of legislators: the main thing that spirit there is, and as it there has got, not very well. The beer use leads to alcoholic intoxication is a medical fact.

Then brewers tried to prove that introduction of licensing of brewing manufactures will not give anything, except corruption strengthening.

Last attempt to block the law has been made some days ago when the document already was on a table at the president. do not sign! - brewers desperately called the head of the state. But would be, to put it mildly, rather strange if the president initiating large-scale struggle with alkogolizatsiej of the population, suddenly would give reverse motion.

However, legislators, understanding, however seriously it is necessary to brewers to reconstruct the work, have made for them certain time indulgences. In particular, the new law provides the norm forbidding manufacture of alcoholic production without its account by automatic gauges and the account of volume of finished goods, and also without means of fixing and information transfer about volume of output and a turn of ethyl spirit, alcoholic and spirtosoderzhashchej production in the uniform state automated information system. The delay till January, 1st, 2013 in this case is given to brewers. The same delay is given under conformity certificates.

From the point of view of sale for beer some indulgences too are made. For example, in retail of alcoholic production the exception - beer which can sell both the organisations, and individual businessmen is allowed to be engaged only to the organisations.

That the law strictly forbids? Retail of alcoholic production in the children`s, educational, medical organisations, on objects of sports, in territories adjoining to them. Also it is forbidden to sell alcohol on all kinds of public transport (transport of the general using) city and suburban message, at public transport stops (including at underground stations), at gasoline stations, and also in the wholesale and retail markets, at stations, at the airports, in other places of a mass congestion of people and places where there are sources of the raised danger (them define authorities of subjects). Restrictions also operate on military-oriented objects and in territories adjoining to them.

the interdiction for sale of alcohol by the minor is especially underlined in the law. If the seller has doubts in majority of the buyer, he should demand from this buyer the document proving the identity and allowing to establish age.