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The State Office of Public Prosecutor has refused to bring action on eks - public prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko

Criminal cases on public prosecutors long do not live. Term of existence of such business if it concerns let even the former employee of supervising department, seldom exceeds some hours.

Short life of public prosecutor`s affairs was confirmed once again with yesterday`s events - the Office of Public Prosecutor has once again refused to append the signature under criminal case excitation on former the first zama the Moscow regional public prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko.

And yesterday the State Office of Public Prosecutor returns for additional investigation criminal case of former Noginsk public prosecutor Vladimir Glebov. Him have accused of excess of powers of office. A piquancy of a situation that Glebov to fault recognised, has repented and very much wanted, that the court has passed faster. Revolted with that its business again zavislo, Glebov has complained in court of the former heads.

Glebov`s Complaint in court

- We with my client have appealed against against the decision of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in the Tver court, - Glebov Magomed Amintazaev`s defender has told to the correspondent.

the Consequence takes for granted that public prosecutor Glebs has been compelled to follow instructions of the chiefs of Ignatenko and Urumova. Those demanded to patronise Ivan Nazarov`s underground gaming in Noginsk. Glebov warned time and again partner Nazarov - Ivan Volkova about checks of gambling halls then those were for a while closed. Glebov has got under suspicion after listening of telephone conversations of Volkova. Now the public prosecutor the fault recognised and has asked about a legal investigation in a special order. According to the investigation, the bases on which has put do not start up in court, critics do not maintain: ostensibly contradictions between indications of Volkova and Glebov are not eliminated, and such contradictions are not present.

And still like there is a witness, the former manager of game club which says that devices were not game, but lottery. On the basis of its indications the public prosecutor puts under a doubt the conclusion of technical expert appraisal that automatic machines all - taki were game, and indications of 20 more witnesses - workers of a hall, other managers, clients - simply ignores. The approximately same situation with business of Ignatenko and the businessman of the King. Public prosecutors assure that the next business is cancelled as illegal: the consequence does not have enough of proofs of criminal activity both.

In total Ignatenko has appeared suspected or accused on three criminal cases: on so-called gambling business where him suspect of abusing, on to business Silans - about capture of the earths under building of summer residences for employees of special services.

On versions of the investigation, the third crime of Ignatenko has made in 2008 when was the public prosecutor of Krasnogorsky area of Moscow suburbs. Public prosecutor Ignatenko and its acquaintance Gennady Korol under the pretext of country building have agreed to buy the rights to the land. According to the investigation, Ignatenko knew that the area administration plans to transfer this ground to association the Green wind - 1 for gardening. After reception of the rights to this site the public prosecutor with the friend intended to divide it and further to sell. Counterfeit papers have been for this purpose prepared, and frauds were covered with the public prosecutor of area. The consequence speaks about preparation for large swindle. But business have closed, and the King yesterday have released.


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