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The public prosecutor dismissed for uproar demanded to restore it on work

Yesterday the former assistant to the public prosecutor of Kashira situated near Moscow Sergey Ljashkov proved in Petty-bourgeois court of capital that have dismissed it ostensibly illegally.

Scandal has occurred in Kashirsky OVD. According to a management of this division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ljashkov and its colleague Pastuhov have arranged drunk uproar.

According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, office check has confirmed that in the beginning of March of this year Ljashkov and the assistant to the public prosecutor of Kashira Vladimir Pastuhov have arrived in OVD on Kashirsky municipal area ostensibly for temporary detention facility check. Thus Ljashkov was in a state of intoxication. He behaved defiantly, stated unreasonable remarks to employees of a call centre, and also has provoked the conflict to the chief of criminal militia.

deputy chief OVD has interfered With the conflict colonel Igor Yaroslavtsev. The policeman has tried to talk to Ljashkovym, but to leave peacefully public prosecutor`s worker did not want. The call has not helped even to the public prosecutor and its another zamu. Then between Igor Yaroslavtsev and Sergey Ljashkovym fight was fastened. As a result zamprokurora nevertheless have banished, but from police it has gone to hospital - to remove a beating.

- Ljashkov has declared that carries out the management task - checks, how police officers in the light of coming into force of the law on police communicate with people, - Igor Yaroslavtsev has told in explanatory to the inspector. - on a question task performance provides a finding in a state of intoxication? he has answered: Yes, it is caused by a legend developed by a management .

the check Initiated by investigatory committee has ended with Sergey Ljashkova and Vladimir Pastuhova`s dismissal. Both employees are dismissed for fulfilment of the offences discrediting honour of the public prosecutor`s worker - it was told in the message of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. And kashirskomu to public prosecutor Evgenie Gusev strict reprimand for inadequate execution of official duties on the organisation and realisation of work with shots in bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor has been declared.

Ljashkov has demanded in court to recognise illegal its dismissal, to restore it on work, to collect from Office of Public Prosecutor a salary during the compelled prorumble, and also indemnification of moral harm at a rate of 50 thousand roubles.

Check which I spent in branch, was strictly according to my powers as at the moment of absence of the public prosecutor I fulfil its duties and has the right to visit at any time places of the maintenance of arrested persons - has told eks - the public prosecutor.

He has underlined that statements of witnesses that it was drunk, do not represent the facts.

the Majority of the interrogated witnesses have informed in court that the claimant was drunk that was visible even with open years. Behaved inadequately, was unsteady, spoke incoherently. At the same time one of employees OVD has declared that Ljashkov was sober.

to Recognize illegal dismissal and to reinstate it also the assistant to the public prosecutor of Kashirsky area Vladimir Pastuhov has demanded.

He has informed court that it did not have doubts in legality of spent check, besides, he has underlined that had no possibility to prevent the conflict which has arisen between Ljashkovym and Yaroslavtsev because was not during that moment near to them.

the Judge has made decision to postpone claim consideration for July, 28th. He has specified that at following session written materials of business will be investigated, and also additional opinions of the parties are heard if necessary.