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The inhabitant of Blagoveshchensk accuse of a transportation through border prospecting spetssredstv

22 - accusation in complicity in attempt at illegal acquisition spetssredstv, intended for private reception of the information is brought to the summer inhabitant of regional centre Priamurja. Business the day before is transferred in court. To the young man threatens till 3 years of prison.

This espionage history two solid departments - investigatory management SK investigated the Russian Federation across the Amur region and employees of the Amur management of FSB.

As inform in investigatory management,   in February, 2011   the young man has brought from next to Blagoveshchensk Hejhe (Peoples Republic of China) the whole arsenal spetssredstv, intended   for private reception of the information. To transport them through border it is possible as well as to get these specific goods in China. Devices for audio reception - and videos of the information taken through border, were in 140 complete sets GSM - modules and 20 at first sight, usual lighters. The consequence has established that the guy operated not in itself, the order on spetssredstva was made by a certain inhabitant of Moscow (business in the relation it is allocated in separate manufacture). Except just brought espionage complete sets the guy intended to send to the capital customer others 120 illegal spetssredstv, disguised under ball pens, autoalarm system keys, brelki, a watch thanks to which it is possible to conduct secretly audio - and videorecording. But to forward to capital this arsenal it was not in time - employees of FSB have on a visit appeared suddenly.

- the Guy has got that spetssredstv wanted to forward the party brought from China to Moscow quickly. It has started to make out sending in one of the companies of area which is engaged in a cargo transportation, - the assistant administrator of investigatory management SK tells the Russian Federation across the Amur region Alexey Lubinsky. - In this company employees of FSB also have detained a parcel. In a course operatively - search actions have been withdrawn GSM - modules. After that the young man has voluntary given lighters . All other espionage equipment have found in its car.

As it became known to the correspondent, the young man illegally delivering spetssredstva,   studies in one of high schools Priamurja and works. Now it is under a subscription about nevyezde. The maximum that threatens it - the penalty or as a last resort - 3 years of imprisonment (most likely, it is conditional).

that the young man has decided to earn on sale of overhearing and spying devices, it is no wonder. Buy them in China everyone can - both the tourist, and the businessman, and the spy - the fan. These goods at Russians use enviable demand, and the Chinese dealers satisfy it to the full, it is important that on cheap stuff. The correspondent was personally convinced of Hejhe where from Blagoveshchensk by the steam-ship it is possible to get for thirty minutes, that for espionage activity it is possible to buy here practically all. About where to find and who sells spetssredstva, willingly will tell   Chinese pomogajka and even for a hand will bring to the seller. To the correspondent during the day serially suggested to buy: hours to watch the husband, brelki for a conversation recording nasjalnika (chief), a ball pen for video and audio of record of negotiations, and also a lighter which you will click - and the portrait is ready.

the Abundance illegal spetssredstv on the Chinese party of the Cupid, and also the desire of the Russian businessmen to do the business by semilawful methods results   To that the Chinese dealers have started to deliver an espionage arsenal in Priamure. In 2010 employees of FSB across the Amur region have detained in Blagoveshchensk   the inhabitant of the Peoples Republic of China who traded spetssredstvami, and their realisation occurred in the big shopping centre of a city. Spetssredstva have withdrawn, the citizen of China have fined and have sent home.

Business on espionage spetssredstvah, and it know in Priamure, it is extremely claimed and favourable. By the way, customs control to it not a hindrance - all Chinese spetssredstva perfectly masks under consumer goods which flows in area from the Peoples Republic of China a wide stream. So to distinguish espionage toys   from usual hours and lighters difficultly enough.   it is possible not to doubt that from Priamurja they creep away on all country. However, it is not excluded that Chineses trade in these specific goods and in Moscow, but is, of course, more careful.

According to employees of investigatory management, that,   what is spetssredstva get to area, it is no wonder. Demand is! But is also which - that else. It appears,   the Russian law provides strange enough situation. To buy special   the means intended for private reception of the information, any can, but for own pleasure is a law it is not forbidden. It is impossible to use only them in any purposes or to sell.