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In Dagestan can appear Caspian turistsko - recreational klaster

At once some investment agreements have been signed during meeting concerning development and project realisation on creation tourist klastera in SKFO which was spent in Dagestan the minister of economic development of the Russian Federation by Elvira Nabiullina. Largest of them - between Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus and the company Nafta - Moscow planning to enclose in building of a sports and tourist infrastructure of republic about one and a half billion dollars.

the Program of stay of rather representative delegation has been sated to a limit. At the Makhachkala airport visitors have changed at once the helicopter and have taken off for high-mountainous Hunzahsky area where in due course will appear is mountain - a ski resort Matlas - under the governmental order of the country it was included into the creation project in the North Caucasus turistsko - recreational klastera.

- Impressions of a complex shaking, - Elvira Nabiullina has shared the impressions. - the nature fine, you see, what here the beauty, what prospects. In my opinion, Matlas - a wonderful place for is mountain - a ski resort.

Together with the minister and the head of Dagestan Magomedsalamom Magomedov the location visitors from France - the special representative of the president of the country on development ex - the Russian relations Jean - Pierre Toma and the ambassador of France in Russia Jean de have examined also Gliniasti.

As Elvira Nabiullina has explained, on May, 26th following the results of a bilateral meeting of presidents of Russia and France the joint Declaration on inclusion of the project of development tourist klastera in the North Caucasus in the list of priority directions of Strategic partnership between two countries has been accepted. In June of Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus and the French official body Caisse des Depots et Consignations Have signed within the limits of Sankt - the Petersburg international economic forum the agreement on intention to create joint venture on development tourist klastera.

- Under the arrangement with the French party after agreement signing the joint working group is created. It will study all questions on establishment of joint venture which will appear already till the end of current year, - Nabiullina has told. - creation Russian - the French enterprise we consider not only as attraction of additional investments though also the prospective contribution of the French party to billion euro on project start is very powerful. But the main thing - we would like to make use of the best world administrative technological experience.

the President of Dagestan has suggested to include in turistsko - recreational klaster in the North Caucasus the investment platforms located at coast of Caspian sea.

- Thereby we want to enrich the project, using possibilities of development of beach and sea tourism. Parallel formation of mountain and sea recreational systems will raise efficiency of the project, its appeal to tourists and having a rest. That is will actually make a resort all-the-year-round, - Magomedov has noted.

the Idea of creation coastal Caspian klastera has seemed to Elvira Nabiullina very interesting. However, as she said, for final decision acceptance the additional information is necessary.

First of all it is necessary to analyse expenses which are supposed to be carried out from the budget. For realisation of the given offer additional development of an infrastructure is required, therefore it is necessary to calculate expected effect - the stream of tourists can be how much increased how to provide vsesezonnost tourism in Dagestan, in what terms it is necessary to unite is mountain - ski zimne - spring tourism with summer tourism in a coastal zone.

But it is bastings, as they say, on the near future. As to concrete results of meeting, how the director of Open Society Alexey Nevsky has told, Nafta - Moscow becomes the anchor investor of the project, and all klastera it is necessary for creation of 140 billion roubles. From them 38 billion which will go on building of an engineering and transport infrastructure and on safety, should allocate the federal government.

first stage Erection Matlasa it is planned to finish in 2016, the second - in 2020. It is expected that in Dagestan klaster will come to five millions tourists a year. It will allow to create about two hundred thousand new workplaces.

Besides, according to the chairman of board of directors of Open Society Resorts of the North Caucasus Ahmed Bilalova, Dagestan will make an application on carrying out of Youthful Olympic games of 2018.