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Igor Sechin and Sergey Shmatko have opened the power unit of the Nevinnomyssk state district power station

the Power unit in cost of 16 billion roubles it is started in industrial centre of Stavropol Territory, parogazovaja installation PGU - 410 almost on third will raise capacity of the Nevinnomyssk state district power station.

On opening of new object have arrived vitse - the prime minister of Russia Igor Sechin and the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko. Power unit input - sign event for the South of Russia. On PGU - 410 the modern economic equipment which allows to increase development of the electric power is established and simultaneously to lower quantity of emissions in atmosphere, in particular, nitrogen dioxides - for six percent, carbonic gas - for 5,4 percent.

Building PGU has begun two and a half a year back, here worked more than 700 persons. The project is realised by a consortium of the leading Russian and foreign companies led by the Italian firm Enel And with support of the European bank of reconstruction and development. For the first time so considerable object has got in the Russian sector of electric power industry financial support of the international organisation. The total sum of investments has made about 16 billion roubles. Now PGU - 410 - the unique project of this kind and the scale, realised in region. Here it is supposed to create more than 60 workplaces.

Stavropol Territory on electric power development concerns regions - to donors, however in the wholesale market cost of a resource for edge above, than for other subjects of district

New parogazovaja installation differs reliability, high degree of automation of technological processes and allows to lower influence degree on environment. Thus installation has the highest efficiency - about 58 percent that on 35 - 40 points above, than at gazoturbinnyh installations.

Head of the international battalion of the company Enel Karlo Tamburi has especially underlined that at building all norms of industrial and ecological safety are observed, start-up of new installation can reduce cost of the electric power for consumers. Building PGU - 41 in Nevinnomyssk - a part of the complex investment plan of the company Enel in Russia. One of these days the company will start the similar power unit on the Sredneuralsky state district power station.

And on the Nevinnomyssk state district power station Igor Sechin has communicated to workers and the journalists who were interested, whether tariffs for the electric power will raise and whether it will be possible to reduce the prices in the long term. The same theme rose and at meeting concerning development regional toplivno - a power complex (thermal power station) which has spent in Nevinnomyssk vitse - the prime minister of Russia.

Stavropol Territory on electric power development concerns regions - to donors. With input new PGU in power to a coin box Edges has increased capacities, however in the wholesale market cost of the electric power for region above, than for other subjects of district.

- Is standard a ceiling : tariffs should not fly up above, than for 15 percent by the similar period of last year. Therefore it is necessary to reduce costs, including, in the network companies, - has declared vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation.

the Governor of edge Valery Gaevsky has informed that the region has completely involved own resources for restraint of the prices for the electric power. Growth of rates on transfer of a resource and the rates of marketing extra charges entered since May, first has not exceeded 15 percent. And the regional component of the power price has been reduced at the expense of reduction by the company MRSK the North Caucasus the investment program on one and a half billion roubles. Decrease in a payment for the electric power for edge consumers (except the population) for 44 copecks at high level of pressure and on 1 rouble of 33 copecks - on low became result. However, according to Gaevsky, the regional resource of restraint of the prices for an electricity is already developed. Further a measure should be accepted at federal level. The head of Stavropol Territory has suggested to balance tariffs for an electricity in the wholesale market within SKFO and if it is necessary - to establish legislatively formation of uniform prices for wholesale purchase of the electric power for federal districts.

Igor Sechin has given the commission of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation to fulfil these offers within a month and to present the ideas on reduction of price on the electric power for consumers of Stavropol Territory.

At meeting the problem of non-payments for an electricity was discussed, here again vitse - the prime minister of Russia has suggested bank sector to think how to organise settlement system so that to exclude or at least to minimise the similar phenomenon.

- the Investment climate in edge good, therefore the power should not become the factor at all, constraining development of economy of Stavro - polja, - Sechin has underlined.

He has promised that the government of Russia will stimulate gazodobychu, oil extracting in region, to help other spheres of thermal power station. Only following the results of last year the economy for the Stavropol agricultural manufacturers at the expense of preferential delivery of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS in edge has made half-billion roubles. This year peasants will save to 900 million roubles.

In the meantime

According to Ministry for the Power Generating Industry plans, till 2017 to Stavropol Territory it is planned to put into operation 965 megawatt of new capacities. Surpluses of the developed energy will be transferred in power supply systems of Dagestan, the Chechen Republic, Karachaevo-Circassia, Kabardino - Balkarii, the North Ossetia and Krasnodar territory.