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The Perm programmers start the murderer piracy torrentov

the Perm start - ap Pirate Pay in the autumn of this year can already paralyse piracy distribution of cinema, music and computer programs on torrent - trekerah worldwide.

Developers of the project say that some Russian and foreign legal owners, besides, " have already become interested in their product; Pirate Pay the Association a body - and film producers of Russia has supported.

is an independent project which we develop own forces, - the project head " has explained; Pirate Pay Andrey Klimenko. - at the same time we have received encouragement from administration of the Perm edge which tries to popularise our project.

According to Andrey Klimenko, the product is focused on legal owners who are interested to receive the information on on what resources there is a piracy distribution. Thus the client can or block illegal distribution of a content on which it has copyrights, or to establish on it own price.

According to developers, the product considerably differs from analogues existing in the market which use basically not technical, and notifying kind of work - send to owners torrent - trekerov messages that this or that content is distributed on their resources illegally.

- We give a set of means which in the future will allow to make something like bilinga for torrent - networks and to offer legal owners possibility to protect their content in networks, having put the block on its distribution, or to sell a film in torrent - networks. - the founder of a startup Andrey Klimenko tells. - thus for the user outwardly almost will change nothing. When he will want to download the necessary protected film, he will see a button to pay . There will be a set of variants of payment of downloading. If he does not pay, it cannot download a film.

According to experts, working out of the Perm programmers, first of all, can be claimed the Russian market, after all the quantity of counterfeit production on it is simply huge. If in 2009 the volume of a piracy content was estimated on it in 8,48 million DVD - disks during the current year can make already 13,74 million DVD - disks, and in 2014 to reach 27,74 million DVD. Legal DVD - disks in the market of all 3,4 million. At the same time in piracy fajloobmenah walk about 50 million copies of films.

All it occurs owing to that such measures as requirements of removal of an illegal content, and also suit of infringers in the Russian conditions yet do not work.

copyright Protection for a while for film hire will cost for legal owners of 300 thousand rubles in a week, copyright protection Small forms - from 30 thousand roubles a week. Developers of the program will put in a pocket to 15 percent from the price of sale of a content.

As a result of work of the Perm product the share of legal distribution in Russia should grow by 2015 from one to 30 percent.

we Will remind, in the beginning of March Fund of sowing financing Microsoft which has been created within the limits of cooperation of company Microsoft with fund Skolkovo has handed over Pirate Pay the grant at a rate of 100 thousand dollars.