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SK: In Voronezh the woman was lost under a boat of friends

circumstances of state of emergency on the Voronezh water basin in which result on Saturday was lost 36 - summer Oksana Nikolaeva Are established.

Proceeding from indications of eyewitnesses, policemen, inspectors and inspection on small size vessels almost three days searched ostensibly cut bathers “ a huge white boat “. In practice a cause of the tragedy was motorka on which Oksana with girlfriends was rolled by the good acquaintance.

we Will remind, the woman has received a deadly head injury on July, 16th on water basin water area, in semikilometer from coast near sanatorium of a name Bitter. Oksana Nikolaeva, Lyudmila Yerokhin and Olga Kirdeeva were in a motor boat “ Crimea “ whose owner - Gennady Kirdeev, the ex-husband of one of girlfriends, - has suggested them to pass near islands. As then survived Trinity told, all of them floated round a vessel standing on an anchor, on huge speed the white boat of not clear model suddenly has from nowhere jumped out and - has disappeared in an unknown direction. In water there was the bleeding profusely Oksana, Gennady too has been wounded. After some hours field investigators already combed vicinities, interrogated owners of the boats registered in region and the people on the next beaches. But possible witnesses assured that did not hear a roar of the motor and did not see, that someone rushed on water area, and Yerokhin and Kirdeevy were confused in indications. Criminal case to signs of the crime provided by a part of 1 article 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (death causing on imprudence) has been brought.

Now participants of incident have told that actually them “ Crimea “ has come across any underwater obstacle. Gennady, Oksana and Olga have dropped out for a board, directly under the screw of the run away boat. When motorku nevertheless it was possible to stop, survived have thought up the false version about boat arrival - were afraid of responsibility for Oksana`s  destruction, informs regional government SK the Russian Federation.

Investigation proceeds. Probably, criminal case under other articles UK - for example, " will be brought; death Causing on imprudence “.