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In Omsk for two minutes obokrali jewelry store

the Impudent robbery has occurred directly in city centre, in a trading complex the Millennium .

Apparently, three robbers have been thoroughly prepared: are dressed in a camouflage, on persons of a mask. Before to be behind extraction, they have studied jewelry store assortment.

- From the broken show-windows the most expensive were gone only, including, exclusive ornaments, - have informed in Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Omsk region. - actions of robbers were lightning: in 11 o`clock in the morning armed with the automatic machine and an axe, they have rushed into shop. Have thrown through the escalator of the security guard, have laid on a floor of buyers. In two minutes their trace has caught a cold.

the personnel Staying in shock has pressed the disturbing button only later 10 minutes after thieves were on the lam. Field investigators have arrived immediately, but by then the malefactors who have used the car VAZ - 2106, were already far.

Now on a place there is a search, sellers count up losses, detectives collect proofs, interrogate witnesses, and also study the information of the numerous videocameras which have fixed a crime.


It any more the first robbery of jewelry store in Omsk. One month ago two in masks have made armed assault on jewelry store in small town of Oil industry workers. Threatening the personnel and buyers with a pistol, they have broken a hammer nine show-windows, have stolen jewels for the sum of two million roubles and have disappeared on the car. Soon criminals - young idle omichi - have been detained.