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In the Samara region operation of four courts

In the government of the Samara region is suspended has passed meeting on which the first results of work of the interdepartmental commission on maintenance of security measures of passenger and tourist transportations with river transport in the territory of region created after wreck of the steam-ship " have been brought; Bulgarija . After checks from operation it has been deduced four vessels: the ferry Usolye the ferry the Leader cargo ferry the Barge haulier - 1 and the steam-ship the joint venture - 103 . However, the infringements found out on them are difficult for carrying to the category of the serious: basically they concern not a technical condition of courts, and absence of necessary documents.

All at moorings of Samara and Tolyatti 31 vessel has been checked up. On 27 from them, including by all passenger steam-ships, infringements it is not revealed. As a whole the condition of river fleet in the Samara region is recognised by satisfactory.

- Volume of work very big. We could not keep within in advance stipulated terms, and have asked 5 more - 6 days, - the minister of transport and highways of the Samara region Valery Matveev speaks. - Adjusted totals of work of the commission we hope to bring next week.