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In Ulyanovsk close the military high school second for the account

that the decision on liquidation Ulyanovsk military - technical school (institute) is already signed, in the blog the governor of region Sergey Morozov has informed.

In the document, in particular, it is said that the order is signed with a view of perfection of system of a professional training in military educational institutions of the higher vocational training. According to the order, Ulyanovsk military - the technical school should be liquidated till October, 1st, 2011. About it today met the head of educational institution Leonid Kutsom. Has assured it that all necessary help in employment will be rendered workers of school. The region government entirely realises the share of responsibility before workers of educational institution. We will do the utmost, that after school liquidation any person was not on the street. Besides, if there will be a necessity - we are ready to render the financial help to employees for their employment - has written Frosts.

Three years ago in Ulyanovsk have closed one of the oldest military educational institutions of Russia - communication school. The train of the second high school which deservedly was considered one their best in the country now has come. Here prepared military engineers, experts on gorjuche - to lubricants and tylovikov - snabzhentsev.

Three years ago in high school have stopped a set of students; the remained two courses - the fourth and the fifth - is planned to send on douchivanie in Volsk to the Saratov region.

- Still one month ago to all nonresident cadets gave out tickets to Ulyanovsk where they should return after holiday. The course officer declared that school will keep for a year. Now the destination has changed, - mum of the cadet - the fifth-year student has told to the correspondent. - our sons react to it painfully. A lot of not clear: what for it becomes, why it do not allow to study up in native walls (say that in school the uniform rear centre will take place). And, the most important thing, is fear that they cannot receive in Volske of knowledge of that level that gave to them in Ulyanovsk. In educational institution where them translate, there were no these specialities on which trained our cadets. And, means, is not present and corresponding financially - technical base, teachers. The fifth year very important, there many special subjects, training, and after new year will begin preparation for diploma protection …

Parents of cadets already addressed in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to understand a situation. In their opinion, Volsky the military institute of back had not the right to obtain the licence on douchivanie their children.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation during reforming of system of military education tried to liquidate Ulyanovsk military - technical institute in 2010. But because the licence for the right of conducting educational the figure ¬ nosti on engineering specialities UVTI had no any other high school of the Minister of Defence, and douchivat cadets of engineering specialities of institute in other high school were not possibilities, the decision on them douchivanii in Ulyanovsk was accepted.

However on May, 21st, 2011 Volsky`s chief of military institute of back the general Gorbunovym M. M to parents of cadets Ulyanovsk VTI had been finished the information on opening of the licence for conducting educational activity on institute specialities. By lawyers of Rosobrnadzora to parents at personal meeting it has been declared that any high school in Russia to open the licence for the specialities which are not entering into the List of specialities of the higher vocational training, confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation from December, 30th, 2009, cannot. The Volsky higher military college of back in 2010 tried to open the licence for specialities Designing, a construction and operation gazonefteprovodov and gazoneftehranilishch and Chemical technology of natural energy carriers and carbon materials however by Rosobrnadzorom to it it has been refused. All these facts allow us to doubt legality of the present decision of Rosobrnadzora about delivery to this high school of the licence - parents have explained the position.

In Ulyanovsk on news about high school closing make comments unequivocally: Russia loses military elite. In a city already it is rumored that under optimisation the third military college located here - Suvorovsky will get also. And after that the tradition of military preparation which was formed not one ten years will die.