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Creation of a port special economic zone in Murmansk area can be postponed

Unexpected problems have arisen with building of one of key objects of Murmansk transport knot and a port special economic zone in Murmansk area. The Day off to station Lavna is a question of a branch line from station. Without what creation of the new coal terminal on the western coast of Kola bay is impossible. The ground area under branch building is not allocated till now.

the Conflict over and above the plan

the Main hopes of development of economy of the Kola edge are connected with Murmansk transport knot (MTU) and a port special economic zone - the basic investment projects of region. Many years, however a situation are told about necessity of their creation has moved off dead centre only recently. The governmental order of Russian Federation N 800 about creation poez " on October, 26th, 2010 has come into force; Murmansk . Then on November, 17th representatives of the ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, administrations of Murmansk area, Murmansk and the Kola area have signed the agreement on creation poez. It is supposed that thanks to it in region will appear a new complex on transfer of oil and oil products, the terminal on the coal transfer, the reconstructed port terminal on processing of courts of fishery fleet and other objects. This historical moment has impulsed also to Murmansk transport knot as both projects are closely interconnected economically and geographically.

the hard work period Has come. In May, 2011 following the results of open competition the developmental contract of the design documentation " has been concluded; Complex development of Murmansk transport knot . In particular, it is necessary to design a branch line of the general using from station the Day off to station Lavna which will connect them. Approximately in a year the project should be ready. As have informed in the ministry of transport and communication of Murmansk area, the branch will allow to accelerate building of new terminals around the river Lavna and further will allow to function normally the port person ekonomzone.

In turn from station Lavna to the port terminal on the western coast of Kola bay it is necessary to construct a separate branch line of the limited using - without it the terminal cannot work. However work has stopped from - for the conflict which has inflamed for a long time already between builders and agricultural production co-operative North star .

Court yes business

the Director of co-operative society Vladimir Sidorov considers that the railway will destroy treatment facilities and the best farmland North star . All it will lead to losses which nobody compensates to co-operative society. Besides, in its opinion, the railway will mention settlement Entre Rios therefore interests of its inhabitants can suffer.

In turn builders with these statements do not agree. Participants of the conflict to agree cannot yet. In the meantime building of the coal terminal rather essentially is late.

In 2010 builders should start the terminal first stage on 6 million tons of coal. It was supposed that in 2012 and 2014 the third and fourth turns on 6 million tons everyone will take effect. But as with project advancement there were certain complexities, delivery of objects in operation has lagged behind plans on 2 - 2,5 years.

According to builders, it conducts to huge losses of the regional budget. The terminal constructed by the Kuzbass coal miners in Leningrad region which gives to the budget of area 971 million roubles a year is as an example resulted. The comparable sum, in their opinion, the Murmansk area could receive in 2011.

Delays in Murmansk transport knot and a special economic zone harm to image of regional administration

Simultaneously builders have legal proceedings and with area administration. The matter is that the railway should pass on its territory. But the regional administration has not given out the company the certificate of a choice of the ground area under these purposes.

builders have challenged This decision in Arbitration court of Murmansk area, however were refused. The second instance (13 - j Appeal arbitration court) has cancelled the decision of Arbitration court of Murmansk area and recognised actions of administration of area illegal, having obliged to give out the certificate. In turn the regional authorities have addressed in Federal arbitration court Severo - the Western district which in June, 2011 has cancelled the decision of the previous instance and recognised actions of officials lawful. Now builders intend to appeal against and this decision.

- the Question was really tightened, - the deputy minister of economic development of Murmansk area Victor Gorbunov has underlined. - but it will not detain realisation of projects MTU and poez. Next year the railway building will begin, all agrarian questions will be solved. After preparation design - the budget documentation business will go faster. Earth tap under federal needs will close this dispute.


However experts business - communities of Murmansk area consider that will settle this dispute difficult. As it is told in the decision of Federal arbitration court Severo - the Western district, the site requested by builders is partially in ground area borders North star which is rented by co-operative society for 50 years and put on the cadastral account. The ground code specifies that this site can be withdrawn from the tenant only as an exceptional case when on it it is supposed to place objects of federal transport, means of communication, computer science and communication. Last year mintrans the order has charged Rosmorrechflotu and Roszheldoru to reserve for federal needs of the earth where it is supposed to place objects of capital construction of federal value MTU - coal both oil terminals and the railway from station the Day off to Lavny and further to port terminals. The order is, but decisions on reservation are not present till now. So, there are no also bases to withdraw the earth at North star .

Judging by the judgement, regional officials have appeared between the devil and the deep sea. On the one hand, on them press the regional authorities, demanding to allow to be under construction to business. It is explainable: delays with MTU and poez very much harm to image of regional administration. On the other hand, to concede to this pressure means to break the Ground code and with own hand to send itself on tsugunder.

there are also other problems. According to the chief executive Barentsevomorsky rybopererabatyvajushchej Igor Savchenko`s associations, port terminals of some potential residents poez are located in borders of seaport Murmansk on the earths of settlements of which municipal unions dispose. Interested federal departments can demand transfer of these earths in a category of the earths of the industry and transport. It should affect municipal budgets, and new conflicts are not excluded. So, any compromise is necessary - can be, in the form of indemnifications. In turn Victor Gorbunov considers that transfer of the earths from one category in another will not cause any serious problems. As he said, procedure of their transfer is worked for a long time. Yes, by transfer of the earths municipalities hardly can count on indemnifications. But they do not remain for nothing when the enterprises constructed on the transferred earths will start to work. Here again the main thing that buildings have not turned to long-term construction, potential residents poez underline.