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Waitress Francheska Ariani: I do not think that has deserved tip from the British prime minister

the Italian vacation of a family Cameron became unforgettable both for the most British prime minister, and for 27 - summer Francheski Ariani - waitresses and sovladelitsy cafe Dolche nero in a commune Montevarki (region Tuscany). The unusual history about 3 cups of coffee and absence of tip has flown about the whole world, having made in passing quite good advertising to a little-known institution and the young Italian.

to the Correspondent Francheske whom, making comments on an event has phoned, broke periodically on loud laughter.

RG : How so it has turned out, what you have not learnt in the client of British prime minister Cameron? With it there were no accompanying persons or protection?

Francheska Ariani : When Cameron has come into our cafe with the family about 11 mornings, to me could not come to even mind that it is the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain. It was allocated with nothing from our usual visitors - foreigners. Cameron`s appearance did not give out in it the high-ranking official. He has been dressed in a simple dark blue shirt and dark trousers. Protection in the cafe was not. Later to me have told that it is on considerable distance from cafe, on area outer side. Probably, the prime minister wanted to relax a little and has released protection.

RG : What Cameron in your cafe has ordered?

Ariani: It has ordered, by the way, in the quite good Italian, two kapuchino and one espresso.

RG : Why you so long did not bear this plain order?

Ariani : this day I worked in cafe one, have been terribly occupied and, naturally, had not time to give proper attention to all our visitors. Both a hall, and a terrace have been overflowed. I had to run constantly back and forth, being broken off between clients. As I had not time to serve Cameron`s family, I had to ask the prime minister (though at that point in time I did not know that it the British prime minister) is a little to help and serve to me itself independently, having taken away the order from a bar counter. (Loudly laughs.)

RG : How David Cameron has reacted to your unusual offer?

Ariani: it is reserved enough. He did not begin to be indignant and has easy followed the coffee. Then Cameron has brought it for a little table where his family sat. Here, basically, and all. He did not swear and was not distressed in any way. Has simply made about what I have asked it (giggles).

RG : How you have left your well-known client?

Ariani : It has paid for the account and has there and then left. I did not manage to say goodbye plainly to it.

RG : Cameron has left to you tip?

Ariani : No, it has accurately paid only the order - 3 euros and 10 eurocents. But I do not think that have deserved tip (laughs).

RG : Now, I suspect, the number of visitors in your cafe considerably will increase after though and not absolutely successful visiting of the British prime minister?

Ariani : Yes, you are right. The clientele grows in the face of. This morning the number of visitors has broken all records. I live in a small town where all each other know. The rumour extends very quickly. Nobody remained is indifferent to this case and all details of our meeting with Cameron interest.

RG : Means, you feel now very well-known?

Ariani : Yes is not present that you. What there a celebrity (again laughs). If prime minister Cameron once again decides to visit our cafe during the holiday in Tuscany, I with pleasure will serve it at the highest level and I will necessarily personally make to it the apologies.