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Representatives of Serbia and KFOR have agreed about control on border from Kosovo

Representatives of Serbia and command of international forces KFOR in the edge Kosovo which has proclaimed in 2008 independence of Belgrad, have signed on Wednesday evening the preliminary agreement on crisis settlement in the north Kosovo, inform regional mass-media.

According to the reached arrangements, forces KFOR will supervise at least to the middle of September two check points - Jarine and Brnjak, on administrative border of Serbia and Kosovo. The document was signed the commander of forces KFOR by German general Erhard Bjuler, the minister of affairs of Kosovo and Metohii in the government of Serbia Goran Bogdanovich and the head of the Serbian delegation at negotiations with Prishtina Borislav Stefanovich.

In communique KFOR it is said that in case of need terms of the present monitoring system will be prolonged for a check point of Jarine and Brnjak. Now control on both check points carry out forces KFOR. The arrangement is reached also that cars, trucks in weight to 3,5 tons and the cars transporting the humanitarian help, including foodstuff, can cross these check points after representatives KFOR will check up documents and will make sure that the weapon is not transported.

According to the agreement, the barricades established by Serbs on roads in northern areas Kosovo in protest at politicians of Prishtina, should be disassembled and the freedom of movement should be restored. It is informed that the agreement will start to be applied within the next few days.

the Government of Kosovo has rejected the agreement reached between representatives of Serbia and KFOR, having confirmed that the interdiction for import of the goods from Serbia remains in force. The situation has become aggravated after the Kosovan government has tried to establish on July, 25th unilaterally control over a check point of Jarine and Brnjak, having directed on administrative border with Serbia police special divisions. Thus, prishtinskie the authorities have tried to put into practice the decision on an interdiction for import of the goods from Serbia. Before special action of the Kosovan authorities both check points were under control of Mission of the European Union in the field of leadership of the law and the law and order (EULEX).

in December, 2008 EULEX has incurred all completeness of responsibility for legality and law and order maintenance in Kosovo that earlier entered into functions of Mission of the United Nations (UNMIK). As a result of special action of Kosovan police and protests of the local Serbs blocking roads in the north Kosovo, tens persons have been wounded, one member of spetsnaz has died. Forces KFOR under NATO command operate in Kosovo since summer of 1999 according to the resolution 1244 UN Security Councils and Kumanovsky military - the technical agreement. Number of contingent KFOR, according to the official data, to the beginning of June, 2011 made 5,927 thousand military men. At the moment of input of force KFOR totaled 46 thousand persons.