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In Peru have forbidden free sale of medicines for a flu

Ministry of Health of Peru has entered an interdiction for free sale of medicines against a flu from - for their possible uses by manufacture of a synthetic drug ekstazi has informed on Wednesday agency Notimeks.

Henceforth such medicines can be bought only in the presence of the recipe of the doctor. The representative of department has noticed that restrictions have already taken effect, however while some drugstores and shops on - former freely sell antiinfluenzal preparations. For such infringements the penalty at the rate to 1200 US dollars is entered.

ekstazi is a synthetic narcotic which causes euphoria the hallucinations proceeding from several o`clock about one days. According to the Peruvian Center of the information and formation for counteraction to consumption of the drugs, capitals of the country of Lima extended to territories of a tablet ekstazi Have on the average a dose of 150 milligrammes. The use even one such tablet can lead to a lethal outcome.