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Son Muammara Kaddafi declared the beginning of negotiations with radicals from among the Libyan opposition

Tripoli carries on negotiations with radicals from among the Libyan opposition on purpose to get rid of liberally adjusted insurgents. With such statement has acted on pages of the today`s newspaper New York tajms the Safe al - Islam, the son of Libyan leader Muamara Kaddafi.

Liberals will be compelled to run or will be killed, - has promised the Safe al - Islam. - and we will make it together . Libya becomes in the future Saudi Arabia or Iran. Well and let - he has told. it seems ridiculous, but during Ramadan (a sacred Muslim post) between us the peace " will be made; - the son of the Libyan leader has promised.

the Safe al - Islam focused on the western values and always despising religious extremism, during interview did not hide the negative attitude to Islamites, naming them Bloody murderers and terrorists . the compromise was necessary to you. You wanted from us that we have given a piece of our pie. But to whom? - Questioned the Safe al - Islam, in absentia addressing to the West. - we do not trust them, but we are compelled to deal with them as today they represent real force .

As proof of the words son Kaddafi has expressed opinion that murder in Bengasi the chief of a staff of military formations of oppositional Transitive national board Abdel Fattaha Junesa has been organised on July, 28th by Islamic radicals in an opposition camp.

They have decided to get rid of such people on purpose to take all operation under the control - has noted the Safe al - Islam. It has not excluded that this murder became simultaneously and revenge of Junesu that in government Kaddafi it gave orders to stay by the Minister of Internal Affairs to detain and torture Islamites.

Kaddafi - younger named the governments of the countries of the West, recognised a mode in Bengasi the unique lawful representative of the Libyan people, idiots, which set worldwide . He considers opposition rats, puppets and clowns .

the Spiritual leader of opposition of Ali Sallabi has admitted the fact of negotiations from Tripoli, however has specified that what - that arrangements with the Libyan mode has been reached was not, marks New York tajms .