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Son Muammara Kaddafi has threatened liberal opposition with vendetta

the Son Muamara Kaddafi Seif al - Islam declared achievement of the arrangement with an Islamic wing of the Libyan opposition.

He has told about it to journalists of The New York Times newspaper in one of hotels of Tripoli. liberals will be compelled to run or will be killed - the successor of the colonel did not stint threats. He has promised that Islamites together with true Kaddafi armies will arrange to preachers of the western ideas the present vendetta. Libya becomes similar to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Well also what? - as though at itself the son of leader Dzhamahirii then has called the governments of the countries which have supported oppositional Transitive national board (PNS), " has taken an interest; idiots .

Even appearance is no time the supporter of liberalisation of Libya speaks about changes in its sights. Earlier al - Islam had a shave bare and almost did not change to an elegant suit. Now it has released a beard, has tied a traditional Arabian scarf on a neck, and in hands held massive beads. From video which have been laid out on a site of the newspaper, even the impression was made that for last months the son of the colonel has slightly forgotten English language and began to resemble the parent some eccentricity.

among insurgents al - Islam has appointed the Main ally Ali Sallabi whom sometimes name the spiritual leader of the Libyan oppositionists. Sallabi recognised that negotiations with a hated mode were conducted, but has assured that any concrete results on them has not been reached.

that is closer than a word of Sallabi to true, Seif al - Islam has partially confirmed also. Being forgotten, he named a radical link of insurgents devil`s terrorists and even admitted that does not trust them, but it is compelled to co-operate with them . For example, he has already agreed that in new Libya there will be no constitution, except the Koran. Sallabi has in turn declared that the constitution nevertheless should be.

journalists of The New York Times, apparently, have not too believed to offspring Muamara Kaddafi. They are assured: it is the next rhetorical reception to pay attention of the West to the one to whom it helps. As al - Islam often appealed to the imagined interlocutor representing the western governments: Now all will remove masks, and you should face a reality. You should accept Islamites .

Mysterious murder of oppositional commander-in-chief Abdelja Fattaha Junesa has given an occasion to similar interpretation. Not without reason the son of the colonel has stated belief that it was made just by radical Islamites in revenge that, being the Minister of Internal Affairs, Junes with pleasure sent them on tortures.


In a month will expire the NATO mandate on maintenance bespoletnogo spaces over Libya. There will be a question on its prolongation. And interview al - Islam can engender doubt that NATO operation does not harm to interests of the West. Besides Kaddafi - younger has promised that the definitive world in Libya will come within the next three weeks while month Ramadan lasts sacred for Moslems. However, in the similar promise practically nobody trusts.