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Armen Medvedev: In domestic kinoidustrii is from what to choose

As usual, on the eve of film festival opening “ the Window to Europe “ its president Armen Nikolaevich Medvedev has given interview to an observer to Yury Bogomolovu.

: the Present festival something will differ from previous eighteen?

Armen Medvedev: Anything, except films. All surprises and the innovations concerning formally - the substantial party, we prepare for the following - anniversary HH “ to the Window “.

RG: Then a question. In competition of 14 pictures. It is dense enough program. Whether there was a problem with selection?

Medvedev: Well how to tell... Otsmotret it was necessary more than 100 pictures. Hence, selection on competition too became competition. Not the sharp. But all - taki one to two.

With masterpieces it was always difficult

RG: It is a lot of if to take into consideration that else recently observers predicted accident, at least in film production.

Medvedev: Besides, it is necessary to mean that our Vyborg will defend from Sochi on distance of two months.

RG: you want to tell that your competition was formed by a residual principle: took that was not necessary to a court yard “ a Kinotavr “?

Medvedev: Is not present. Now position in the domestic film industry not what it was 15 years ago. Is what to choose and from what to choose.

RG: Under names of pictures difficultly something to tell about program level, but after all and on names of authors of anything about it you will not tell. I mean that it is not enough familiar director`s surnames. And loud - not one. Well, Sergey Govorukhin... Valery Pendrakovsky. Perhaps, Victor Shamirov. The others - beginners?

Medvedev: Debutants there is more than half. But that it will be more curious competition for visitors and participants of festival. As its motto - “ the Forecast for tomorrow “. With masterpieces always and everywhere there were problems. The festival (ours, at least) gives the chance to see not simply unlimited quantity of new films of new directors, but to try to make out in them grains of endowments of the future masters. The cinema is a process. The biography of the cinematographer - too process. I understand that for the ordinary fan of cinema the film as that, irrespectively how there was a biography of the author matters, whence it comes and “ from what rubbish “ its pictures grew. For it it is important - it was pleasant, it was not pleasant, has carried away or has left its indifferent. Critics have still a collateral interest which owing to a trade is for them the main thing: they try to correlate otdel nyj a film with tradition, with tendencies, to see it in a context, to guess a direction of talent of the author. In this respect the competitive program gives only partly food for reflexions. But we will not forget that the Vyborg festival it not only the program and 14 films. But it also a panorama on the Russian cinema of a finishing season.

RG: you mean competition “ the Vyborg account “?

Medvedev: First of all. As it includes all domestic films which have caused a stir at other film forums from “ Elenas “ Andrey Zvyagintsev, shown in Cannes, to “ the Chapiteau - show “ Sergey Lobana noted on MMKF. In the second - every year we do not forget to look back to remember former good luck. As an occasion anniversaries of masters and their pictures, of course, serve. We will celebrate this time native foreigner Romana Balajana to whom in April of this year has knocked 70, and we will show its picture “ the Unsociable person “. Also we will note 80 - letie Mikaela Tariverdiev, by the way, one of founding fathers of the Vyborg festival. Evening of musical poetry " will be devoted this event; I caught sensations... “ in which known musicians will take part. The evening prepared by its widow Lyudmila Stanukinas becomes a tribute of memory of the director - documentation officer Pavel Kogana. At last, by separate line it is planned 25 - summer anniversary of a picture of Vadim Abdrashitova “ Pljumbum “.

RG: the Film really significant for the time.

Medvedev: And for present too. The film was prophetical. To the full then we could not estimate it. We will try to make it today. Next day after its viewing discussion " will take place; Reorganization at cinema. 25 years later - hopes and fulfilments “.

the Trace “ the Fireman “

RG: Yes, “ Pljumbum “ In this respect - good illumination. I hope, discussion will appear live and substantial. Nevertheless, Armen Nikolaevich, we will return from a panorama to the program. To any unbiassed fan of cinema the list of films in which it is not visible any film ahead of which hearings about its eccentricity would run, inspires deep scepticism. Really, competition does not promise “ opening wonderful “? You personally have a favourite? That film to which you, without fluctuating, have given the main prize?

Medvedev: Is, but I while vozder zhus it to name not to receive reproach in pressure upon jury.

RG: Then on - to another I will ask. Whether there is in this competitive list a same disputable leader, as last year “ the Fireman “ Alexey Balabanov?

Medvedev: Is not present. But besides I will tell: year for a year is not necessary. And only under the competitive program it is impossible to judge a cinema condition. Both domestic, and world. Contemporaries of those whom judge especially undertake if to judge.

RG: And other judges for you at me are not present, as companion Stalin would tell.

Medvedev: Also it is not necessary.

RG: But at you in a pack (let and not within the limits of the basic competition) a strong trump - a closing film. And, as it seems to me, a film - event.

Medvedev: Thanks Andrey Sergeevichu Smirnovu who has given to us possibility to show its new director`s work “ the Vein - was one woman “. It just that film ahead of which the rumour about its relevancy runs. The film will be shown last day festival. Also that for us it is especially flatter, it will be the first public viewing of a picture of the master which was at the beginnings of reorganisation which has returned to direction later 30 years. It, to tell the truth, a feat. Both creative, and civil.

RG: I will easily agree with you. As to me has had the luck to see a picture. I can support a rumour. I can tell that Andrey Smirnova`s film - from those fulfilments which give rise to new hopes of new fulfilments in a cinema. It would be desirable, that this picture, as well as others, became property not festival public.

Medvedev: About it speech behind one of " too will go; round tables “ within the limits of ŐIŐ “ Windows to Europe “.

the Program

What films will show this year at festival: