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The NATO aircraft has destroyed by bombing transmission lines in Libya

NATO Aircraft has put a series of blows on objects of a power supply system in Libya.

On it informs ITAR - TASS referring to news agency Dzhamahirii DZHANA.

In particular, to blows the high-voltage lines connecting power stations with a number of areas of the country have undergone. As a result many cities and settlements remained without an electricity. The situation becomes complicated that during the summer period the requirement for the electric power for Libya increases.

Information on possible victims among the population while are not present.

According to representatives of the national power company, now its experts try to restore the destroyed transmission lines.

on July, 30th the NATO aircraft has destroyed by bombing three land television satellite transmitters in the Libyan capital to prevent forces of Muamara Kaddafi to conduct a terrorist announcement .

In the middle of February in Libya mass demonstrations with the requirement of leaving correcting the country Kaddafi have begun more than 40 years.

They have outgrown in the armed opposition between the governmental forces and rebels. The UNSF has entered on March, 17th bespoletnuju a zone over Libya. For maintenance bespoletnoj zones, embargo on arms supplies and protection of civilians a coalition of the western countries on March, 19th in Libya the military operation, which management in some days has completely passed the beginnings to the NATO.

the Mandate on operation expired on June, 27th, but on June, 1st the NATO has prolonged operation for 90 days - till the end of September.