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Nurgaliev has obliged police special troops to avoid collisions and victims

the Most fighting divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - special troops are reoriented on new problems which were put before police by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliev has demanded from employees of special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs strictly to observe the rights and interests of citizens. The essence of this requirement is extremely simple - as seldom as possible to resort to a brute force, let even other citizens in something and are not right from the point of view of the law. Speech, certainly, does not go about armed morons professional criminals and terrorists. Under new requirements the structure and even equipment of special divisions changes.

it is valid, the new law on police demands more flexible approach in law and order maintenance. And in spite of the fact that special divisions are caused only in case of emergency, when already usual The police not in forces to supervise a situation, thoughtlessly to wave sticks all the same it is not allowed. To use power methods - only as a last resort. Especially - to shoot.

From special troops henceforth demand to make everything, in general to avoid collisions and victims. Possibly, actions of such special groups will estimate now not on the fact of dispersal, say, raging crowd of football fans, and on, whether it was possible to do without victims. For the first roles psychologists - peregovorshchiki which problem - to appease passions will start to be put forward. By the way, thanks to endurance of the Moscow OMON there was no big tragedy on a Manezhnaya Square in December of last year when extremists tried to provoke youth to slaughter after murder of the fan Spartaka Egor Sviridov.

Moreover, unlike colleagues in tolerant Europe, the Russian militia - the police still never in the history applied vodometnuju technics. Though in an arsenal there are cars with vodometnymi guns of the Israeli and Russian manufacture. For example, armour the Avalanche - Hurricane made on base Ural Mountains .

However it does not mean at all that the police special troops will lose the value. Absolutely on the contrary. The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliev has declared that the planned reductions of an aggregate number of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at all will not concern special troops divisions. Though will reform them. According to the minister, the decision not to reduce any fighter is accepted and to keep regular number of groups in full.

special troops Staff is already defined: in Russia - 208 groups. 121 - militias (OMON) of special function and 87 - special (OMSN). All more than 25 thousand persons. The habitual name OMON is liquidated. OMONs are called now as the special groups, were SOBRy - special purpose groups.

Elite fighters are divided on two professional specialisations. In OONe younger commanders should serve basically - serzhantsky structure. They are obliged to stop mass riots, to protect political, cultural and sports actions, to provide an order during holidays, festivals. Basically, it is a power reserve of police, last, so to say, argument when the raging crowd, for example extremists or football fans, starts to smash show-windows to beat windows, to overturn and burn down cars.

In other category of special troops the special groups which were SOBRy are carried, they consist of officers. It is power support of field investigators of a criminal investigation department, economic safety, that is criminal police. Them will call, when it is necessary to detain the armed, especially dangerous criminals or to release hostages. Without their participation almost any large operation on defeat of criminal communities and groupings should not be spent. The general at these divisions - participation in operations against illegal armed formations and neutralisation of any other armed bandit groups, irrespective of their ideological views, a national identity and region. However, now there will be one more general and very important detail - uniform structure for all and command. The legal base of application of special divisions is processed cardinally - 50 statutory acts are published almost.

was as Earlier?

Before the special divisions, all these groups of capture and power support, submitted UBOPam, militias of public safety, criminal militia. It is not enough - malski the large chief tried to have own guards frequently not co-operating in any way with related divisions. Fighters quite often operated on a call - A pier, it is necessary to take urgently the armed gang in any apartment, to catch up and detain criminals in the car or to release hostages. Happened and so that calls appeared not absolutely correct - the criminals not armed with automatic machines or extremists have sat down at apartment, and the drunk company. With violent hooligans quite could consult and usual patrolmen. But - did not begin to risk, have called the heads and have exaggerated.

the centralised management of special troops groups Now is created. Experiment on creation of such uniform structures has begun in 2009 in four regional centres. It has appeared successful. And now in department system management on maintenance of activity of divisions of a special purpose and aircraft of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is created.

Heads management the general - the lieutenant of police Vladimir Gorshukov. In special troops it - all life, even has passed involuntary service in military investigation. So in the smallest details knows about problems and requirements of each fighter - from psychological preparation to a hardware. By the way, general Gorshukov - the winner of the State award in the field of a science and technics. The government has awarded it for working out and development of manufacture of a complex highly effective not lethal besstvolnogo the civil and office weapon.

Sense of such centralisation - to build a chain of command, to unite forces and means of special divisions, to adjust interaction with other law-enforcement structures. Under uniform command now both special groups, and special. For example, in the Moscow inter-regional centre have united brendovye divisions - group of a special purpose of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - the Lynx and a special group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - the Bison .

All regional police chiefs to whom the help of elite fighters urgently is required, should address in this centre. And that is important, bear responsibility for the call. Moreover, for correct statement of problems and use of so terrible weapon as special divisions, personally ask from the head, ordered this or that group.

the Same centres of a special purpose will be created in four regions: in Tatarstan, Altay territory, the Nizhniy Novgorod and Novosibirsk areas. However, the final decision will be accepted in the spring of 2012 and to depend on many local factors.

It is known that the country leaders have not stinted on material - technical maintenance of police special troops. Under the decision of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev from the federal budget in 2011 for these purposes it is in addition allocated 1 billion 100 million roubles.

However, the dry statistics testifies that the general security a special equipment, property and arms of police special divisions makes 80 - 85 percent. According to Rashida Nurgalieva, it first of all concerns fighting equipment and arms. So, are put spetsavtomobili the Thunder-storm Hurricane the Mountaineer modern climbing arms. In total - about 128 newest samples so-called spetsizdely .

In groups some tens new samples of bullet-proof vests, helmets, boards of various classes of protection, every possible both the advanced spetssredstv and the weapon have arrived. Thus the lion`s share of all scientifically - research also it is skilled - the design works spent in interests of special divisions, are connected with working out of new protection frames.

For example, shock-proof complexes " are bought; the Board assault bulletproof broneshchity the Fence Universal bullet-proof vests with the combined protection from koljushche - cutting and fire-arms Bagary . In general, the ministry management does everything that its elite soldiers even in the most dangerous situation remained are live.

Among new, so-called spetssredstv - samples of not lethal weapon. After application such toys the infringer feels, of course, not very well, but remains live and whole. And the indisposition soon passes. It is a question including of rubber bullets, tear gases, svetoshumovyh pomegranates and elektroshokerah.

the special troops even have own aircraft that for the first time is officially fixed in the name of structural management. Certainly, it not bombers - rocket carriers. Police special divisions use some tens bespilotnikov and helicopters. Pilotless flying machines are necessary for investigation, and helicopters - for transportation of fighters, cargoes, evacuation of the wounded and rescued hostages. Is usual sloggers Mi - 8, there are also easy maneuverable cars of import manufacture. From them usually members of spetsnaz land on roofs of houses, in hard-to-reach spots in mountains or in wood.

That is curious, in police special troops not only absolute maintenance, but also frankly ridiculous shortage - about three and a half percent. And it at extraordinary rigid, even - cruel selection. Here only one illustration: last stage of check of the candidate in members of spetsnaz - on the lie detector. It manages to be passed only to one of three applicants for a post.

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