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Three years ago Georgia has attacked South Ossetia

In August 2008 - go by order of the Georgian authorities rangers well armed and trained by the American instructors suited a slaughter-house, having attacked inhabitants of peace sleeping Tshinvala. Cynically, at night, akkurat on the eve of the Peking Olympic Games - competitions for which time during all epoch wars and any conflicts stopped.

those days has directed the exit brigade of reporters to Vladikavkaz. We let out special issues of the newspaper and delivered them in Tshinval where the ashes of the burnt houses, and about invasion   still burnt down; barbarians ŐŐI - go centuries reminded splinters of the broken gravestones.   attacking shot at everything that moves, driving about on a city on newcomers army “ Hammers “. Knowing that people hide in cellars of houses, filled in with their water.

At school, at lessons of history me, the person of one generation from Saakashvili, most of all was shaken by stories about tragedy erased with the person of the earth Stalingrada and about the inhabitants of the Belarus villages alive burnt by fascist flame throwers. Later 65 years the similar have practically repeated on peace jugoosetinskoj to the earth.

the Georgian military command has given on August, 7th the order to the chief of a staff 4 - j an infantry brigade of Vaziani deployed at South Ossetia. This order was on - armejski is laconic: “ to Operative grouping to carry out fighting operation in region Samachablo (South Ossetia) and within 72 hours to crush the opponent. To restore jurisdiction of Georgia in region “. According to the former ambassador of Georgia in Russia E.Kitsmarishvili,   the plan of a military attack for South Ossetia and Abkhazia   it was developed in Tbilisi since November, 2007, later as the priority purpose Tshinval has been chosen. The Georgian armies during operation “ TSminda Conducted “ (“ the Sacred field “) Planned for 24 - 36 hours to grasp South Ossetia, and then to begin approach to Abkhazia. The special cynicism of a situation consisted that about seven o`clock in the evening on August, 7th Saakashvili has appeared on television Georgia with an appeal to give “ chance to the world and dialogue “ in negotiations with Tshinvalom also has informed televiewers that has given the order to formations of the Georgian army to cease fire. Inhabitants of Tshinvala have gone to bed in hope of quiet night.

And in three hours after all this lie in 23. 36 in this silent and peace city the hell has begun. Direct speech, those who has survived in this hell then, in Ossetia of summer of 2008 not simply shocked me. She has made me silent for a long time. From a hopelessness. From disbelief that similar atrocities, such cruel hunting for the people, revived in memory “ ordinary fascism “ World War II, are possible in ours “ civilised “ ŐŐI - m a century. It was the slaughter-house out of any laws of human logic, out of all that enormous file of bitter experience and the knowledge, enjoyed by the world to the beginning of a new millenium.

Inal Pliev, in 2008 the chief of information department of the ministry of special affairs of the government of South Ossetia - in interview, August, 2008 :

- the Bombardments which have begun with approach of darkness, have not compelled me to leave an office. But more close by midnight the hell has begun. Georgians have opened fire from large-caliber mortars and installations zalpovogo fire “ Hailstones “ on inhabited quarters. Fire was so massed that it was a question not of that, how many seconds passed between shots, and about that, how many explosions were within one second. Some hundreds explosions in different parts of a city were simultaneously distributed. Fire systematically also it is obviously prepared it was conducted by all parts of a city, maybe, except for 100 - 200 metre territories, adjoining to the Georgian villages. It is literally in ten minutes after the beginning of bombardment of Tshinvala light was disconnected. We, of course, knew that Georgians do not keep a word, but that on a peace city after Saakashvili`s promises about the world, will fall zalpovyj fire, anybody could not assume. At school we with horror read about tortures and atrocities of fascists. Such impression that Georgians and foreign mercenaries have obtained the order to burn all on the way and to exterminate all people of reproductive age. From the study I have come running in small town of peacemakers. Children took cover in economic constructions. By our peace-making small town have passed the Georgian tanks. In a pointed manner, victoriously, as if showing that Russian and Ossetins anywhere from them will not get to, as if leaving us for a dessert. A pier, now we will smooth out a city, and then we undertake the most sweet, for you remaining in a ring of an environment. I understood that if us will take prisoner at best to us will simply cut a throat, as to many men in Tshinvale. The account went for minutes. Peacemakers burnt papers. One of officers has shot in shifrovalnuju the car that codes have not got to the enemy. During this moment in the sky over Tshinvalom have begun to whirl the Russian attack planes. And to our peacemakers and inhabitants of South Ossetia the long-awaited help has come.

that night South Ossetia has had the greatest losses among the peace population. The city has undergone at first to the massed barbarous bombardment, and then retaliatory zachistke which has reminded Second World War episodes.

Nelli Bikoeva, the director of studies state “ Lycee of Arts “ TShinvala - August, 2008:

- With 7 - go on 9 - e August we have stayed in a cellar where at all there was no water. Bombardment was such strong that we could not leave, rise on a floor and bring a water bottle. It was something improbable. I do not know, how it was possible to fire at a peace city from “ Hailstones “ large-caliber shells. I not the military person, but I know, what some shells - as them name, gun or how - that so - they forbidden so really it is possible so to fire at a peace city?! Horror any, in our house was two direct hits, weight fragmental, on our case remains nothing, any whole glass, a wall are bent … the City in such condition … Any whole house … Any! You imagine it? From Ostrovsky`s street there were one stones...

It is necessary to give due to courage to defenders of a city. The civil guardsmen armed with small arms, did not start up more hour the Georgian tanks in Tshinval. On conquest of almost unarmed capital of South Ossetia Georgians have thrown the elite divisions. The most terrible here has begun. What even decades the survived eyewitnesses of crimes will remember. Here some episodes. The Georgian tank has driven on cemetery territory, has passed on all tombs and has burnt the church which was there. Some parishioners have been killed. Sacred George`s temple of VIII century is destroyed, purposefully shots from a grenade cup discharge destroy monuments “ to the father “ to Osset writing, poet Koste Hitagurovu and legendary komdivu the Great Patriotic War of Ise to Plievu. The terrible story how the Georgian tankmen have burnt trying was by word of mouth transferred to leave a city an Osset family. The Georgian tank has coolly shot trying to leave a city “ the Zhiguli “ from a gun. The civil guardsmen who were nearby, have managed to pull out the woman, and her husband and the child have burnt down alive in the car. In one of villages Georgians have driven in an apartment house of seven young girls, have locked them inside and have struck on the house a volley from the tank. They have got under way from a place only having waited, when will burn down the house. Chasteners, and for those bad people who performed the cruel operation in Tshinvale are not present other word, did not hide that their overall objective were not only peace citizens, but also the Russian military men. As a result of aggression five percent from total number of the people living to an attack in jugoosetinskoj to capital were lost. Every tenth building in Tshinvale was not subject to restoration.

the Russian armies, having put forward under the order of president Dmitry Medvedev to the aid of civilians, have rescued South Ossetia from barbarians, immediately “ having smoked mercenaries “.

Zaur Albegov, the security guard - interview, August, 2008:

- Georgians have intruded in South Ossetia with a fighting colouring on persons - for masking and intimidation of the opponent. In hands it is proud compressed the American rifles. In a day they laid down arms and drapali from a city, as mad hares. I saw one insurgent from which person the fighting colouring, as ink at the crying girl flew down. They jumped off from armour, being afraid that on it will strike the Russian shells and rockets though the order on deviation was not.

the Georgian military men escaped from South Ossetia, and later from territory of the largest military base in Burn, as rats from the ship. The first, spurt. They without fight have left the largest military base under a city Burn. Escaping from a city, they have managed to put set of extensions, and near inputs in cellars where people could take cover.     one of the Russian military men admitted to me that the big fighting losses to Georgians managed to be avoided only because soldiers and officers in a mass order left not only fighting positions, but also places of a constant disposition.

After events of August, actions in them Tbilisi which were condemned by all civilised world, in Georgia there was much that causes, at least, “ Wild amazement “. The blown up monument of memory of the Soviet soldiers in Kutaisi - a spittle towards every fourth victim from left on the Great Patriotic War the Georgian, witch-hunt in the form of constant searches “ agents of Moscow “ reprisals, beatings of active workers of opposition, torture and kidnapping in broad daylight. In Georgia Russian schools in the meantime continue to be closed.    

Malhaz Gulashvili, the leader Is national - orthodox movement of Georgia   - interview, July, 2011 :

Unfortunately, now in our country those movements which oppose Orthodoxy gain in strength. They know that the Georgian orthodox church has a great influence in the country and the present Georgian authorities   do not want that someone possessed a greater influence, than official Tbilisi. The second: they do not want that the Russian both close each other Russian and Georgian people closely communicated. And the third. When our two orthodox people will find common language the world will be established on all caucasus. And it, seemingly, does not suit today Tbilisi.

Nino Burjanadze, eks - the speaker of parliament of Georgia, one of leaders oppositional “ National meeting “   - interview, June, 2011:

At us now in Georgia at all avtokratija. There is a strengthening of a mode which it is possible to name only dictatorship. It is known that when in the state there is no justice, there is no freedom of the mass information as in today`s Georgia, it is called as dictatorship. People simply - naprosto are afraid to call and speak once again by phone. Now the Georgian power has decided to close any possibility of display of the protest definitively. They perfectly understand that the discontent of the population grows, as the prices for foodstuff and utilities constantly increase. People in the country are in very emergency and, naturally, the authorities are afraid of accumulation of this critical weight.   special article about an attack now is brought in the Criminal code of Georgia on the policeman, its vehicle, on the representative of the power or public establishment, and also on members of their families, an encroachment on life, health or property in connection with office activity of police or other representative of the power. Punishment for it will be rather rigid - from 7 till 20 years of imprisonment, and up to a life imprisonment. I had not to hear about that the such existed in any country of the world, anyway at least on a paper.

To me have transferred a copy of the report of the leader of the party “ Our Georgia “ Shalvy Hachapuridze directed on November, 15th, 2010 addressed to the Main general public prosecutor in the Hague Lisa Moreno Okampo about the facts of crimes of a mode of Saakashvili. These are tens pages of the facts of tortures, tortures and murders to which, according to authors of the document, the present Georgian authorities concern. Here only one example.

In December, 2005 in Tbilisi, in the evening, in cafe “ SHardon “ with the two friends there was a young expert of bank Sandro Gvirgvliani. It did not like the going beyond all limits noise distributed from group sitting at the next table of young men. The young man has passed an opinion to the familiar girl behind a table discontent of behaviour of neighbours. Words of Gvirgvliani were caught by the person behind the next table. It   has stated the indignation of words of Gvirgvliani that has caused small unpleasant dispute. As a part of the above-named group there was a spouse of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia (Merabishvili) which has caused by phone of officials of police of a high rank and has demanded in appropriate way to reduce an abacus with Gvirgvliani. Policemen have violently planted Gvirgvliani in a motor vehicle and have taken away in nearby wood with a mountain relief where him have undressed and cruelly tortured. The next day the corpse of died Gvirgvliani was found out by friends on that place where it policemen tortured.

According to the experts, prepared the report, as a result of Saakashvili`s board the population total in Georgia has decreased for 20 percent, birth rate in the country now more low, than quantity died, unemployment has increased to 65 percent, the prices for foodstuff astable and are characterised by a tendency of constant growth. For example, one kg of bread has risen in price twice, a meat kilogramme - four times, a sugar kilogramme - twice, one litre of gasoline - in eight times, one watt of the electric power - 4,5 times and etc.

Endurances from report SH. Hachapuridze

the Purpose (Georgian) authorities - it is conscious, regularly and gradually to finish own population to a starvation side, to compel able-bodied population to leave the country and to become mass labour emigrants, or to carry out confrontations and to transform the population living in these zones in compulsorily displaced persons, and also to transform ó lshuju a population part in the persons who were in imprisonment, having a previous conviction, the deprived property which have no work or the state support...

However, at the Georgian authorities other opinion. They report about a victory over corruption and criminality, that becomes fast Georgia of abreast civilised European states...

it is obvious that Saakashvili is badly familiar with destiny of the Latin American presidents, which “ privatised “ The people, arranging terror and total reprisals, thus without being tired to give bows towards Washington. To the Dominican general - to the dictator of Trujillo serving to States three ten of years, have raked a head, the window leaf of its car has hardly opened - this case is described in the legendary book “ Day of a jackal “ Forsyte. To the Cuban dictator Lawn enlisted by the American mafia, the USA have refused entrance to the country when he ran from Havana occupied with armies of Fidel. This list can be continued.

As its schoolmates remember, participating in school statements, small Misha Saakashvili always played noble “ heroes - robbers “ which perished, having executed the mission. It fell on a scene, beautifully pressing hands to a breast. Only falling from tops of the immense power is non-comparable even to falling in an orchestra pit. It   much more painfully.