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The Peruvian gangsters have plundered by means of barricades of 400 persons

As for four hours to plunder 400 persons? The answer to this question is known by 15 armed criminals from a backward Peruvian province of Karabajja.

robbers Armed cap-a-pie have erected the real barricades from stones along the line lonely cars. It was found out later that the scene of crime has been chosen almost ideally: it was most the deaf person a line site, and in the police station nearest to it phones for a long time did not work.

Tactics of blocking of highway far away from large settlement has worked on hurrah. Gangsters needed to be approached only to stopping waggons and automobile cars, plundering their drivers and passengers. The first that criminals took away, there were mobile phones so that a victim of a robbery could not address in police. Besides it robbers money and jewelry interested. After they forced people to lay down the person downwards on the earth at a motorway roadside. a gain criminals has made about 500 thousand Peruvian salts, 180 thousand in recalculation for dollars. At a dawn gangsters have quickly disappeared from a scene of crime.

Experts notice not only special cynicism of a crime, but also that fact that a robbery as if in a jeer to the Peruvian authorities, it has been made in some days after loud statements of the head of the state. Past week president who has recently entered a post of Peru Oljanta Umala has declared: I intend personally and to supervise directly struggle against criminality, a drug mafia and corruption in which the state suffered failures last 30 years .