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In Poland 13 military men are dismissed from - for wrecks They are 154 near Smolensk

the Prime minister - the minister of Poland Donald Tusk declared resignation of three generals and ten officers of army, after conclusions of the commission on investigation of the air crash which have happened in April, 2010 in which the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski was lost.

I have made the fast decisions, concerning dismissals of thirteen officers three from which were generals - has declared Tusk on a press - conferences, transfers RIA Novosti news agency.

the Air crash near Smolensk has occurred on April, 10th, 2010. As a result of tragedy 96 persons, including the Polish president Lech Kaczynski were lost.

the Interstate aviation committee has established that wreck has resulted from actions of crew which in the conditions of psychological pressure has made the decision to plant the plane in adverse weather conditions. Also the system reasons name lacks of maintenance of flight and crew preparation.

According to the report of Warsaw, one of causes of accident of the plane of the president of Poland near Smolensk there was a late leaving of the pilot on the second circle. The system of the prevention of collision with earth TAWS has not been adjusted to flight, and the crew has committed errors at landing approach - crewmen ignored system TAWS preventions, leaving procedure has been made on 60 metres below the admissible. Thus the Polish commission has tried to assign a fault part to the Russian side. The Polish party declared, in particular, that the Russian dispatcher in Smolensk gave wrong commands to crew, and the part of the equipment of airdrome was faulty.