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Zamglavy Ministry of Health: 60 - hour working week in Russia will be

In Russia it will be entered 60 - hour working week. It was declared zamglavy by Minzdravsotsrazvitija Alexander Safonov on a press - conferences in agency Interfax .

From our point of view the theme of increase in working week is not discussed for one simple reason: Russia has signed the international obligations - is both a social charter, and the international convention which we ratified. About it have absolutely accurately and clearly let know both the president of the Russian Federation, and the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation - Safonov in reply to a question of journalists on the offer of the businessman and the party leader " has declared; the Just cause Michael Prokhorov, concerning increases in working week till 60 o`clock.

Safonov has noticed that Prokhorov did not suggest to cancel effective standards of the Labour code of the Russian Federation which provide 40 - hour working week and possibility to work 20 additional hours in combination.

Innovations which proceeded from its working group, from committee on labour questions RSPP, consisted that they have tried to discuss a question of simplification of process of registration of these processings - Safonov has noted.

As he said, in the operating Labour code there is variety of obligatory requirements to this procedure.

And if it is a question of the specific manufactures connected with especially dangerous works where observance of strictly mode of the reduced working day is required, to working in shifts, here, certainly, nobody should refuse registration of such relations as it is now written down in the Labour code because it is one of forms of control over observance of guarantees of safety of work - has underlined the deputy minister.

At the same time, Safonov has paid attention that so far as concerns the small and average enterprises, for example, when in the organisation one director and one worker, business takes other turn.

If we demand from them infinite quantity of papers, it will lead to that small-scale business will not be simple to work and the director will spend the basic time on literary trash - Safonov has noted.

In this case quite probably to fix in the initial labour contract of such possibility, to rely that between the worker and the employer there is a certain consensus which provides possibility and presence nenormirovannogo the working day, temporarily which is compensated in the form of additional holiday or additional surcharges " further; - Safonov has added.

As he said, such form exists, in particular, on the state civil service.

For example, in my personal contract too it is registered that at me nenormirovannyj the working day, and the specific account for this purpose is not required - Safonov has told.

thus the deputy minister has underlined that it is necessary to approach to a theme of registration of labour mutual relations accurately, it should be discussed with all interested parties carefully.

The theme serious, it demands discussion and consensus search between all participants of negotiating process: trade unions, employers and the state - Safonov has told.

we Will remind, one and a half years ago trustee RSPP Michael Prokhorov has declared that the Labour code is morally obsolete, to the country is necessary new, flexible, modern. In particular, as he said, as possibility of the combined work such moments there should be reflected in one enterprise till 60 o`clock in a week, cancellation of educational holidays paid at the expense of employers, expansion of scopes of application of urgent labour contracts and others.