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Suspected of fulfilment of act of terrorism in a kindergarten of Komsomolska - on - the Cupid has given grateful evidences

to Rashid Nurgaliev has thanked officially to police of Khabarovsk territory for detention of the originator of act of terrorism in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid.

the report of the chief fulfilling duty regional UMVD Ivan Iltsa whom that has given to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in a videoconference mode became the Occasion for this purpose.

the Colonel of police has informed the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who is now with a working trip on the Ural federal district that impudent act of terrorism in a kindergarten of 80 Komsomolska - on - the Cupid is opened.

Suspected of manufacturing of the explosive which have worked in a kindergarten the Birch has made a house explosive, and on garden territory has got through a fence, has sounded in the official report.

- Guilt of the arrested person on suspicion proves to be true. He has shown a place where has put the device, has shown a route of movement and has described, how the explosive looked, - Ivan Iltsa`s word news agencies give.

the Colonel   has added that motives of commission of crime are established. Ivan Ilts also has informed that the suspect has repented and regrets for a criminal conduct. The Minister of Internal Affairs has charged to Ivan Iltsu to present caused a stir employees to encouragement and has thanked officially to staff of regional police.

However a name of the suspect today it has not been named. In the meantime in some mass-media   informed that has been without delay detained 28 - the summer unemployed Andrey Baturin who has got   under suspicion because   earlier left models of bombs about schools. On interrogations, write editions, it   behaves inadequately and though recognises the fault, but it is confused in essentially important details.

Experts do not exclude that the present terrorist is at large till now.


In a kindergarten 80 there has passed a train of dismissals. The watchman, the tutor of group to which the suffered Uljana Zezik managing who was in day of state of emergency in holiday, and the medical worker which before arrival " went have lost the posts; fast processed traumas of the girl.