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To the victim on business of the head of traffic police of Primorski Krai offer compensation

Unexpected continuation has received today the scandal caused by the termination of criminal case concerning the main GAI officer of Primorski Krai. After publications in mass-media of SOU SK the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory at last - that has commented on a situation upon beating of the night racer of which that has accused the main GAI officer of edge Alexander Lysenko.

- criminal case Investigation proceeds, and the status of citizen Yaroslav Gorbenko on business has not changed. It is, as before, the victim. At the same time criminal prosecution concerning Alexander Lysenko is stopped now. Legality of the decision made by the inspector is checked, - has informed the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory the Aurora Roman.

As already wrote, on the night of May, 25th near a bus stop on departure from Vladivostok have been detained several participants of illegal races. The man superficially resembling the chief of traffic police, has struck one of infringers on a nape and has pulled an ear. Then on racers have made administrative reports and have released. Soon one of them has addressed in militia with the statement for beating, and on June, 3rd on the Internet there was a videoclip Colonel Lysenko beats the motorist with beating details, and only then criminal case has been brought.

But a consequence quickly enough has found out that colonel Lysenko, as they say, by passed and criminal case against it is stopped. The certifying commission has not seen in its track record anything discrediting and the formal bases for removal of other decision - refusal in the further service or the recommendation to hold a post with smaller volume of work - has informed the head a press - services of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Primorski Krai Irina Syrova.

From certifying commission conclusions arises that use fist arguments in work with citizens - not the crime, and, seemingly, this tool of belief can be used safely and in legal practice, after all colonel Lysenko, seemingly, has not received even summary punishment.

Meanwhile public interest to business remains, as a question - who then has beaten Yaroslav Gorbenko, remains opened. Legal aid to it was already offered by Federation of automobile owners of Russia. But situation development has pushed the victim once again to resort to the help of mass-media.

- Me threats arrive. I have changed all phones. I do not live at home, I do not go out of doors. To me it is terrible for itself and for the family. At the wheel I do not go, occasionally I meet friends, - he has told today to journalists on a press - conferences and has presented an audio record of the conversation with the lawyer of chief GIBBD Jacob Shejninym. By the way, it has helped Lysenko with 2002 to prove that contact of a fist to the person was not, and hand movement had protective character .

Despite noise, at film listening it is audible, as Yaroslav persuade to refuse claims to Lysenko and suggest the hackneyed guy to name the sum of monetary indemnification for moral and a material damage.

- Me suggested most to name the sum what I would like to receive. I have refused money because such people are ready to strangle for copeck. And chiefs of traffic police should not beat drivers because they chiefs, and you are not present, - Yaroslav has declared.

the argument of lawyer Lysenko Is interesting: I about what illegal to ask you do not want and I will not be. It is not necessary to change indications... As you the victim, at Lysenko exist a duty to indemnify a loss. You should have moral and material satisfaction that it has made... If you agree, will write the receipt that you have no claims and do not insist on punishment... Theoretical possibility is, while business is not directed to court, it can be stopped. Name the sum, and I will transfer your offers of Lysenko if it is necessary, we will gather three together and we will discuss. He has done - he has paid, and it will be made under the law - the lawyer admonished.

In the meantime, the head of seaside representation of National public committee on counteraction of corruption Nikolay Cherentaev has declared that has directed references to the State Duma and personally to Minister of Internal Affairs Nurgalievu with the request to promote objective trial on business and to involve guilty in responsibility.