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Priamure and Belarus have signed contracts about economic interaction

In Priamure sum up visit of official delegation of the government of area to Byelorussia. It passed in July and it has appeared extremely fruitful: the parties have signed a number of agreements on teamwork in spheres of industrial production, trade, agriculture.

- Me it is pleasant that at Byelorussia with the Amur region the most dynamical development of relations, - the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko has noted. - it means that distance - not a hindrance for fruitful cooperation.

Thousand kilometres lying between Minsk and Blagoveshchensk, really, do not prevent to carry out joint projects. The Amur region - unique region of the Far East which throughout several years actively involves in their realisation of the Belarus experts. However, until recently cooperation was carried out at level of managing subjects. Now it left on higher level and has considerably changed the sense. An important result of a trip of the Amur delegation was that the parties have agreed to pass to system joint investment and innovative work.

Reports on cooperation were signed by the prime minister - the minister of Byelorussia Michael Mjasnikov and governor Priamurja Oleg Kozhemjako.

- We have planned general plans for the nearest three - five years, - make comments on visit results in the regional ministry of economic development. - they concern deliveries in Priamure Belarus mashinokomplektov for assemblage of combine harvesters and the power sated tractors with the complete set of the hinged equipment. We will develop together elite seed-growing, a hothouse economy, to create the robotised dairy farms.

As the Amur experts who have visited on a number of the enterprises of republic and its largest agroindustrial complex tell, here is to that to learn. All manufacture is based on modern technologies, their application - an indispensable condition of cultivation of grain and vegetable cultures, building and operation of cattle-breeding farms. The last have especially inspired representatives Amur minselhoza. The Governor of the region has already set the task to consider the problem on acquisition in Belarus the modern equipment for dairy farms of Priamurja.

arrangements on an exchange of a selection material highly productive and vysokobelkovyh cultures, such as raps, sorgo, corn, and also on joint activity on their adaptation to local conditions Have been reached. The Belarus party has stated interest in the organisation of direct deliveries from Priamurja of albuminous raw materials for kombikormovoj to the industry. tovaroprovodjashchej networks the question on creation was discussed with the Amur region for deliveries of production of the Belarus agrarian and industrial complex in Far East federal district.

the Parties have agreed about cooperation in civil and housing construction. It is a question of performance by the Belarus experts inzhiniringovyh and design works. In turn the Amur designers will invite in republic for joint working out of projects of buildings and constructions.

Priamure is today unique region of the country which together with the Belarus experts lets out combines on caterpillar to a course and the modern equipment for animal industries. In Russia of analogues such cars is not present, and they cause a great interest in landowners of other territories.

Besides, the Amur region actively develops trade relations with Belarus. For six months 2011 goods turnover between them has made more than 30 million dollars. It almost for 67 percent more than for the similar period of last year. From Belarus in Priamure deliver cars and mechanisms for cleaning and obmolota agricultural crops (in 2011 - on 22,8 million dollars), tractors and tractors, and also the condensed milk, cream, consumer goods.

As a result of the taken place meeting it was possible to expand a segment of mutually advantageous cooperation, and also to agree about new directions. In the near future Belarus will put in area samples of new technics for the mining industry, road building, housing and communal services.

joint working out of deposits fosfatitov in Priamure becomes the Perspective direction. Now this question is studied by experts. Also Byelorussians the technology of cultivation of a soya which successfully apply dalnevostochniki extremely interests. In republic deficiency of this culture (at annual requirement for 400 thousand tons), therefore the parties have agreed about deliveries of a soya from the Amur region. Besides, Priamure is ready to give to Belarus the areas for cultivation of the bean. According to experts, even taking into account a cost of transportation this project will be favourable to Union State.