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On Don the veteran of war do not include in turn on apartment reception

the Veteran of war, the invalid of the second group Nikolay Ignatenko living in a shabby house in Azov, do not include in turn on apartment reception.

Year of construction of a small house has got lost in the history, still to 1920 - h years. Therefore, when declared improvement of living conditions for participants of war, Nikolay Nikolaevich has gone to a city administration.

At first it was have put in turn for veterans. But, as tells Ignatenko, after eight months from this turn have removed. It is not necessary - de as the total area of its present inhabitancy exceeds the norm calculated in the city of Azov.

- Actually the small house is in the share property. And that 1/ 24 part in which there lives the father, actually makes 8,8 square metres. Yes, cheap excess of norm - on 0,8 metres - is. But whether to consider as norm a condition of its part of the house? - The son of the veteran Victor Ignatenko speaks.

He was not too lazy and has ordered structure examination, having paid 12 thousand roubles. The enterprise Geotechnics has given out the conclusion about unfitness for house habitation in the street Dzerzhinsky, 21. From the expert judgement of the centre of hygiene and epidemiologii to the Rostov region in the city of Zernograde from October, 5th, 2010 follows that the structure shabby, in it is absent the water drain, there is no base, there is no hot water, and conveniences are in 20 metres from the house. In a word, the premise does not correspond to the sanitary code and can even fall because of scorched when - that at a fire of designs. While the elderly person to whom 84 years, need a permanent care.

- you sons, speak, here you and should take care of the father, - Victor retells the maintenance of negotiations in city administration.

At it the insult on officials has collected. At first those kept silent of the whole two months, and the letter with the visa " has then come; It is explained . An answer delay have explained that have wrongly sent the letter to the address Dzerzhinsky, 24.

but as has found out meticulous Ignatenko, the answer did not come and there.

The city administration, explaining an exception of the veteran of turn, expostulates on the regional authorities: the ministry of territorial development of the Rostov region has sent in September of last year the letter to the mayor of Azov Sergey Bezdolnomu that after check of affairs of the room account the fact is elicited, not allowing to consider Ignatenko needing habitation from - for excess of the area of its habitation. However local authorities, it is visible, have not read up this letter up to the end. In last paragraph it is said that it can be unsuitable for dwelling in it, and for this purpose it is necessary to spend an estimation of a condition of this habitation.

the Commission arrived home the veteran exactly eight months. Also has reached only after Victor`s reference in a reception of the representative of the president. Only on May, 16th repeated investigation of its dwelling has been carried. The house is recognised by shabby and unsuitable for residing. It would Seem, justice has triumphed also the veteran now will return in turn.

Not here - that was. For the decision of a question of granting of the arranged well habitation now it is necessary to define an using order, according to an ideal share (1/ 24) home ownerships . Sense of this chinovnoj formulations that the veteran needs to prove through court that he lives on the of 8,8 square metres, instead of in the next territory. Thus zamglavy administrations - the head of department of housing and communal services Anatoly Rjabokon has not forgotten to remind that if to the veteran will give new habitation the old share of a home ownership and the ground area will be withdrawn.

In regional administration could not reach and. The chief of department Nina Streltsova supervising allocation of habitation to veterans to make comments on a situation did not become...