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In the Lipetsk region ask to lower tariffs for journey on a paid highway

Loud discussion of the tariff for journey on the Western high-speed diameter of St.-Petersburg in which the prime minister - the minister of the country has taken part even, an echo has responded in the Lipetsk region. Here many believe that if not to reconsider cost of crossing of a paid piece of a line Don the region remains without alternative road.

the First paid 52 kilometres of road Moscow - Novorossisk, passing through the Lipetsk region, have solemnly opened on December, 6th last year. The same day for journey it was possible to collect over 1 million 150 thousand roubles, and for a month of work of a commercial site the gain has made all 33 million. But while in the Russian highways consider profit, inhabitants of villages and cities through whom takes place an alternative free way, count up losses. And the first question with which to each of them addressed: What for so much money has been allocated for building of a new highway if streams bolshegruzov go now on their territory?

by the Legislation it is strictly stipulated - along with paid road should be alternative - free. In the Lipetsk region payment terminals should be gone round through districts Hlevnoe and Zadonsk. And wishing to save were pulled here by an infinite chain.

For a month of work of a commercial site the gain has made 33 million roubles

- it became impossible to Live, - the inhabitant of village Bolhovsky Ljubov Moreva Zadonsky area tells. - Cars go one after another a chain. I serdechnitsa, only left hospital, and though again lay down: to breathe there is nothing from - for ashes and a soot. And noise what: you get used in the afternoon, and after 12 o`clock in the morning it is impossible to fall asleep. In the house of the daughter, she lives in the same village, from vibration the wall has burst.
Zadonsk traditionally was considered as a rest city thanks to what even has received the status turistsko - a recreational zone of regional level. And among believers from - for a stream of pilgrims to places of sacred Tihona of Zadonsky it quite often name Russian Jerusalem. Today here, along with tourists and pilgrims, have directed and tranzitniki. On a twist of fate caravans of waggons pass directly under walls well-known Zadonsky Christmas - the Bogoroditsky monastery. In an hour with small while we stood at monastic gate, has by passed about hundred bolshegruzov. As townspeople assure, it yet a limit though narrow streets of ancient small town are not adapted for so heavy traffic.

However, in the monastery a line concern with due humility.

- the Prayer gets off but what to do, - speak inoki. - In the world where money corrects, about the person quite often forget.

And here for destiny the cities breaking city roads and in the face of collapsing the old bridge through Don are disturbed even in a monastery.

the Unique consolation in lives on a line - roadside trade has a little quickened. But, according to peasants, even the gain with sold tranzitnikam a potato and solenev does not compensate those inconveniences which they are compelled to suffer now.

In areas through which takes place a free route, understand that road it will not block. but to find a compromise variant it is possible - they are assured. As the head of administration of Zadonsky area Grigory Mosolov, all essence of a problem in a high fare for bolshegruzov considers:

- We carried out the monitoring, and with introduction of a new paid site transport streams were distributed so: Cars, as a rule, go on a paid line, and through a city have gone bolshegruzy in weight more than eight tons which 220 roubles should pay. And in different days to 70 percent from them choose a free way. When opened a line, we asked to reduce the price for this category of cars: if to choose from two harms there is less than harm to area would be from legkovushek.

- the outcome could be designed in other place and to bypass Zadonsk from village Panarino, - the chairman of city public chamber Evgenie Grigoriev speaks. - references from citizens about it arrives much.

By the way, money for journey to an experimental order on Lipetsk a line site Don have started to raise more ten years ago (free journey was only two years when there was a reconstruction of a new highway). But then its cost was more low, and the length of a site is less and loading on an alternative free site local population so strongly did not feel. Besides for inhabitants of Lipetsk region remained a green corridor . Now and they are compelled to pay under general conditions.

Management of roads of the Lipetsk region even has directed to the address of the state company " in the spring; the Russian highways the letter with the request to change the price for journey on a paid site according to the valid run. It would help to unload on alternative roads at least at the expense of inhabitants of region. If, for example, to follow on a route Lipetsk - Voronezh, on new road it is necessary to pass only ten kilometres, but it is necessary to pay as for all 52. And in such cases lipchane prefer to save. the Russian highways have promised to lower fare for motorists from 48 - go region. But it has not occurred till now.