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The airport of Petrozavodsk accepts only special flights

the Airport of Petrozavodsk near to which the day before there was an air crash, accepts only special flights, inform RIA Novosti news agency referring to the representative of the Karelian committee on maintenance of ability to live and safety of the population.

the Airport is closed, accepts only special flights. In its territory and near to it a recovery work " has begun; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

In the meantime to Petrozavodsk there has arrived the commission generated by the International aviation committee (POPPY) and Rosaviation. Now she is engaged in investigation of the reasons of wreck of the plane They be 134 airlines RusEjr the official representative the POPPY Oleg Yermolov has informed RIA Novosti news agency.

He has noticed what to speak about causes of accident prematurely.

On a place of wreck of the plane THEY be 134 in settlement Besovets which has occurred about midnight, employees of FSB, Investigatory committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue work. It is possible to tell that from the plane practically remains nothing. In a grass one remained wing rolls, on a highway chassis wheels up lie. Bodies of victims already have packed into bags. Near a scene there are on call some buses Ritual services .

Rescuers have found out black boxes which should tell truth about accident. While put forward some versions: the tragedy has occurred from - for errors of land services (while the plane should land, the electricity was disconnected, there was no illumination on take-off - a landing strip). Do not reject also possible wrong actions of the pilot. While law enforcement bodies do not sound any official versions.

we Will remind that the tragedy has occurred on June, 20th approximately in 23. 40 - from this point on the crew has ceased to go on the air. The plane has fallen directly to an automobile line, by a lucky chance, without having touched house which are nearby. The fuselage has collapsed, and the plane has almost completely burnt down. From Domodedovo 52 persons, including 8 crewmen flied to Petrozavodsk. 44 persons, including eight foreign citizens and persons with a dual citizenship were lost. Eight passengers in a grave condition are delivered in hospitals. A six from them, inform RIA Novosti news agency, predictably, deliver in the Moscow hospitals. Has published the list of the survived.

the Head of Kareliya Andrey Nelidov at meeting in the republic government has declared that to relatives of the lost passengers will assist. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Kareliya, about hundred relatives of victims and victims should arrive from Moscow to Petrozavodsk already today. For them a food and placing will be organised, the necessary medical and psychological help is rendered.

All about an air crash in Kareliya: the reasons of wreck of the plane, lists lost and survived, opinions of experts

For liquidation of consequences of the emergency situation connected with an air crash of the aircraft around the airport Besovets rendering assistance by the victim, the organisation of reception and placing of their relatives in republic the governmental commission is created.   Besides, under the order of the head of republic of a family of victims victims - on 500 thousand will receive on one million roubles.

In Petrozavodsk operates a hot line on the basis of the regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Kareliya - 8(8142) 56 - 16 - 34

And in in the city celebratory actions are cancelled. It have declared in administration of city district. The matter is that the City Day on June, 25th should be marked. Now in connection with tragedy under the decision of the head of district Nikolay Levin all is cancelled.

- It is assured that citizens of Petrozavodsk, the visitors earlier invited to the City Day, actors and musicians are solidary in the general grief - Petrozavodsk grieves, - Nikolay Levin has told.

we Will remind, the plane flying from Moscow They be 134 airlines RusEjr has broken on the night of Tuesday at landing approach nearby to the airport of Petrozavodsk.

From 52 were onboard passengers and crewmen 44 persons, including seven children, were lost. In a death toll - known football arbitrator Vladimir Pettaj.

Eight survived in accident, among which one child, - in extremely grave condition. They are delivered in hospitals of Petrozavodsk, whence the board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures equipped spetsmoduljami can take away them in capital.

Before a departure from Moscow the plane for the unknown reasons has been replaced, and that as a result has taken off for capital of Kareliya, according to in the companies - the owner, was serviceable.

In the conditions of a fog the plane has not held on to take-off - a landing strip less than kilometre and has made rigid landing to a local highway near to which the village Besovets is located. A fuselage They be 134 at landing has collapsed, fragments have lighted up.

Unique from the versions of state of emergency sounded by the morning there was an assumption of illumination ostensibly not working at the moment of landing take-off - a landing strip of the airport.

Criminal case in connection with incident is raised under article 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air or a sailing charter).