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In Petrozavodsk procedure of an identification of bodies of victims in an air crash

Under last information of the Minister of health and social development of Kareliya of Valentina Ulich begins, now five victims in an air crash near Petrozavodsk are in extremely grave condition. Dares   a question on their possible transportation to Moscow. Procedure of an identification of victims in the near future will begin. For examination carrying out on DNA experts from St.-Petersburg will be involved.

For work with relatives of victims and victims from Moscow to Kareliya profits 52 persons Tsentrospasa of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia and employees of the Center of the emergency psychological help led by the head Julia Shojgu. 12 employees are distributed now in a mortuary, hospitals, the airport and hotels where families of victims and victims will take place.

All about an air crash in Kareliya: The reasons of wreck of the plane, lists lost and survived, opinion of experts

Under the order of the minister of transport of Russia the operative group which was headed by deputy minister Valery Okunev is created. Together with it to Kareliya there has arrived the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko, and also the commission of the International aviation committee which will be engaged in air crash investigation. Have arrived to Kareliya and heads of airline Rusaero and Ruslajn .