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The preliminary reason of wreck of the plane near Petrozavodsk

the Reason promoting accident of the plane They is named be 134 near Petrozavodsk, there could be a switching-off at the airport of means of maintenance of landing of the liner. there was a switching-off of land means of maintenance of plane landing - the vice-president of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY), the head of the commission of investigation of aviaincidents Alexey Morozov has informed.

As he said, in the near future the commission the POPPY will take off for investigation of an air crash from Moscow for Petrozavodsk. Then the operative group of Ministry of Transport into which structure have entered, in particular deputy minister Valery Okulov and the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko will take off for capital of Kareliya.

All about an air crash in Kareliya: The reasons of wreck of the plane, lists lost and survived, opinion of experts

According to all available data from the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, victims of an air crash of a steel 44 persons, in which number - known football arbitrator Vladimir Pettaj and the rescuer, the citizen of Sweden. Eight victims, including one child, are in hospitals. From crew the stewardess who is hospitalised in a grave condition has survived only. A condition of seven of eight victims at accident They be 134 near Petrozavodsk - the heaviest. All of them are in resuscitation with numerous traumas and burns.

as it was informed, the plane They be 134 airlines Rusejr has made rigid landing to a highway, without having held on about kilometre to take-off - a landing strip of airport Besovets. On a scene black boxes are already found, their technical condition is established now.

the Source in aviation branch has informed that difficult meteoconditions around Petrozavodsk became the reason of state of emergency. The liner has made rigid landing then the fire has begun, and a car fuselage has collapsed on a part. In the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia confirms that at the moment of landing They be 134 in Petrozavodsk there were difficult meteoconditions. now the reasons of state of emergency are defined by the special commission, but it is known that at the moment of landing around the airport of Petrozavodsk was strong   a fog, and now there it is raining - Irina Andrianov has given the head of department of the information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. As she said, search works on a scene analysis of blockages and plane fragments proceeds, conducted.


Predictably, on Tuesday, on June, 21st, in the afternoon an airline board Rusejr delivers to Kareliya relatives of passengers of the broken liner who have already started to arrive to the Moscow airport of Domodedovo. It is planned that the board with relatives of victims will take off from Moscow in an interval from 12:00 till.

In Domodedove the emergency response centre is created and the hot line is opened. Relatives of victims and victims in an air crash can receive the information by phone: 8(495) 644 - 40 - 66 , and also on a hot line of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia: 8(495) 626 - 37 - 07 in Moscow and 8(814) 256 - 16 - 34 - in Kareliya.

the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has directed to Kareliya the plane for evacuation of victims at rigid landing. Silt - 76, equipped with medical modules for possible transportation of victims at rigid plane landing They be 134, has taken off for Petrozavodsk at 05:25 Moscow time. . Aboard - 15 doctors of group TSentrospas the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia and five psychologists.

the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has published on the official site the list of passengers of the plane which has broken near Petrozavodsk They be 134 in which 43 surnames appear it.

they be 134 - the passenger plane intended for airlines of small and average extent. It has been developed in the beginning 1960 - h years in OKB of Tupolev and produced in lots with 1965 for 1984. It is one of the most mass passenger planes which were issued in Soviet Union: all them there were 852 different updatings. The first flight They be 134 has executed on July, 29th 1963, and it is in operation since September, 1967. They be 134 - blizhnemagistralnyj the passenger plane equipped with two turbojets, located in a tail part of a fuselage on pilonah that considerably reduces noise in salon. Now planes of the given type gradually are taken out of service.

Cases of a crash landing of planes They are 134 in 2010 - 2011

on June, 21st, 2011 in Kareliya has made rigid landing the plane They are 134. At landing the fuselage has collapsed. 40 persons were lost.

the data on failures of planes They is more low cited is 134.

May, twenty seventh, 2011 They be 134 airlines JUTejr carrying out flight Tyumen - Domodedovo, villages forcedly at airport of departure, aboard there were 65 passengers. The crash landing has occurred in 20 minutes after launch, as a result of state of emergency nobody has suffered.

under the Rosaviation statement, the engine failure was the emergency landing reason.

October, fifth, 2010 the passenger plane They be 134 has crash-landed at the airport of Salekhard. As has informed a press - service of the Ural investigatory management on transport SKP the Russian Federation, right after launch on the aircraft the alarm system - " has worked; malfunction of the right chassis and the plane crew has successfully crash-landed. At the moment of incident onboard the liner there were 33 passengers and six crewmen.

Technical characteristics of the plane They are 134

the Passenger plane They are 134 has been developed Tupolev`s design office. The plane was made serially with 1966 for 1984 and delivered in Aeroflot and airlines of countries of Eastern Europe. In total 852 planes They are constructed are all 134 variants.

they be 134 it is intended for operation on lines of average extent. Variants of configuration of passenger salon:
- standard on 76 places;
- mixed on 68 places, including salon of the first class on 12 places
- economic on 84 places.

the Basic passenger updatings of the plane are They be 134 (manufacture with 1966 till 1970), That is 134 (the extended fuselage, manufacture with 1970 on 1980),   That is 134 (there is no nose glass cover, manufacture with 1980 for 1984) . The plane continues to be used in airlines of Russia on scheduled airlines, and also for business - transportations.

by the plane two turbojets having a backspacing of draught are established. The auxiliary power-plant provides start of engines, power supplies and central air work.

the basic characteristics

Length (- 37. 1
Wingspan () - 29. 0
Height () - 9. 0
the Area covered (sq.) - 127. 3


Max. Take-off weight (kg) - 43 000
Max. Landing weight (kg) - 43 000
Weight empty (kg) - 29 000
Max. Commercial loading (kg) - 8 200
Max. A stock of fuel (kg) - 14 400

the Flight data

Max. Range of flight (km) - 2770
Range of flight with maks. Loading (km) - 1750
Max. Cruiser speed (km/) – 850

Max. Flight height () – 11000
Length of running start () - 2400
Engines - D - 30 - II, 2 x 6800 kgs
Specific fuel consumption (g/ pass. - km) - 45. 0