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The pilot the solar plane Andre Borshberg: Ahead - preparation for round-the-world travel

As the guest of honour on 49 - j the International space salon Le Burzhe has been invited the experimental plane Solar an impulse working on solar energy. The correspondent talks to one of its founders the pilot Swiss Andre Borshbergom.

: How it has turned out, what you were engaged such, frankly speaking, in the fantastic project?

Andre Borshberg : Me always pulled to novel, new, unusual. By training I the engineer. At the same time repeatedly it was necessary to create any companies, that is I know, how in practice to realise this or that project. Besides my passion - the sky: in due time was the military pilot.

the mad idea Initially was born: Why not to design the flying machine which would not use fuel drops, and it was set in motion by solar energy. That is could be thanks to photogalvanic cells in flight day and night. Having lighted up this idea, I was completely gave to its embodiment to life. Thus it was, of course, very interesting to me most to appear behind a plane steering wheel that, eventually, and has occurred.

RG : Speak, a cabin Solar an impulse it is insignificant, and conditions there the Spartan. It so?

Borshberg : the Plane - that experimental. Therefore not to excesses. A cabin, really, small and rather small...

RG : Especially if to consider your growth - metre ninety....

Borshberg : the Blessing that is which - what space for feet. And so all time in the same pose. Moreover, onboard there is no heating system.

RG : How you were warmed? After all at the big height, to put it mildly, cool.

Borshberg : not to freeze, and on nine thousand metres from the earth in a cabin temperature a minus of 20 degrees, on me special overalls - a down-padded coat which it is possible to blow that creates additional izoljatsionnyj effect. Add to it warm boots, gloves, and you receive my portrait inside Solar an impulse .

RG : Not hard long to remain without movement? After all, for example, your flight from Bruxelles in Le Burzhe lasted the whole 16 hours.

Borshberg : During those moments when weather conditions allow and it is not necessary to operate actively plane, I relax and I do respiratory gymnastics on jogov skoj to a technique. Thus I stimulate blood circulation. Helps.

RG : For you as for the pilot in what difference of flight classical from solar ?

Borshberg : At Solar an impulse we will tell so, double nature. At a calm in atmosphere it is very easy and pleasant to them to pilot. The plane is stable, special efforts to hold it on the laid course, it is not required. It is the first face. On the other hand, it becomes similar to a horse with a habit when the wind rises or get to turbulence zones. From - for huge wings, and their scope without small 64 metres, and also small weight the device is supersensitive to any changes. Therefore, successfully to supervise it, it is necessary to be extremely concentrated and to make considerable physical efforts. I will tell directly: they 10 times more, than by the usual plane. After all on our child there are no such modern assistants to the pilot, as, for example, hydraulic amplifiers. All wheels of management mechanical.

RG : To what could compare flight on Solar an impulse ?

Borshberg: To a certain extent with the bird`s flight. That is, as well as to birds, it is necessary to consider constantly directions of air streams, to maneuver between them, and even to plan on widely open wings.

RG : Usually Solar an impulse you lift in air early in the morning, and come in the land late at night. Why?

Borshberg : I Fly up early to avoid the usual aerotailor of the traffic. Also I try to steer clear of an air passage of civil aircraft. As to landing, that, in - the first, in the evening the traffic also less intensive. In - the second, it allows to avoid ascending streams of air from the landing field warmed up for a day, hangars and other structures which can break stability of the device.

RG : What sensations test in flight?

Borshberg : There, above, when weather normal, full calmness. You hear only rustle of electromotors. If to go down more low, it is possible to distinguish even an easy rumble creeping in the bottom of trains. And so silence around. Slowly you manoeuvre among clouds in search of sun rays and you enjoy improbable beauty - heavenly and terrestrial.

RG : With the earth often communicate?

Borshberg : First of all with my colleagues who watch a route. But not only. I carry on by radio dialogue with various associations, politicians, schoolboys. I tell about our project, about prospects of alternative energy sources, at which as it is represented to me, the big future.

RG : What ahead after Le Burzhe?

Borshberg: Preparation for round-the-world travel. It is planned on 2013 - 2014. Will pass in five stages when we will visit all continents. For this purpose, of course, it will be necessary to construct the new plane. Unlike present he will not be afraid of rains and is calculated on flights lasting many days. In it should be more places for the pilot that it was possible to move, do exercises. It any more without speaking about the sanitary block, a water-supply and meal.

RG : And how, by the way, ate during flight in Le Burzhe?

Borshberg: Has managed in pair sandwiches and mineral water.