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Dmitry Medvedev has presented condolences to relatives of victims in accident They be 134

Dmitry Medvedev has presented condolences to relatives of victims in accident They be 134 near Petrozavodsk. On it has informed a press - the secretary of the head of the state Natalia Timakova. Medvedev also has given a number of commissions on rendering assistance by the victim. the head of Ministry of Transport Igor Levitin of phone has informed the president on a situation on an accident place - has told a press - the secretary? Transfers ITAR - TASS.  

On the instructions of the president the minister takes off for Kareliya that it is direct on a place to start to work on finding-out of causes of the tragedy - she has added. Minister of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu has reported on the president on the measures undertaken by the Ministry of Emergency Measures for rendering assistance by the victim in an air crash - Timakova has told.

As she said, Medvedev has given the victim of a wish of the prompt recover. SHojgu also has informed the president that to Kareliya the mobile hospital equipped with all necessary technics and medicines is sent. The head of the state also has given the commission of Minzdravsotsrazvitija and authorities of Kareliya to assist the victim and families of victims.

All about an air crash in Kareliya: the reasons of wreck of the plane, lists lost and survived, opinion of experts

the airline Plane Rusejr flying from Moscow, has made rigid landing to highway near to airdrome of Petrozavodsk the day before, about midnight. On its board there were 52 persons. As a result of failure 44 persons were lost, eight more - have survived, physicians estimate a condition of seven of them as heavy. The plane has not held on about 1 km to take-off - a landing strip of airport Besovets in Petrozavodsk. It proborozdil about 150 metres wood an edge also has stopped only in 20 metres from houses of an under construction housing estate.

to Families of victims of wreck They be 134 it will be paid on 1 million roubles and on 500 thousand roubles - the victim in an air crash, the head of Kareliya Andrey Nelidov at operative meeting of the republican commission on emergency situations has informed.