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Rodion Schedrin has met in a press - club of Competition of Tchaikovsky journalists

Among obligatory compositions of the program of XIV Competition of Tchaikovsky - the concert play written specially to piano review Tchaikovsky - an etude Rodion Schedrin. It is executed by each pianist in I stage of II round which passes in the Big hall of conservatory. About this play, about the competition and about Maje Plisetskaya conversation with Rodion Schedrin in a press - club of Competition of Tchaikovsky has taken place.

Rodion Schedrin has noted high level of present review, and on two parametres - performing and organizational, - that, as he said atypically for Russia . At the previous competition were any separate flashes and now the general level of musicians is exclusively high. Level of the organisation of competition the remarkable. It seems to me that has come any new breath In many respects thanks to Valery Gergiev`s person, at which enormous power and enormous understanding of that is necessary today, including in competitions. Pushkin has amazingly precisely defined - who such genius, is a mind and furies. Here at Gergiev it is - both mind, and furies. I have had time to watch a little recorded performances of violinists - in a hall of any empty place. In the Big hall of the Moscow conservatory on II round of pianists a packed house. It is surprising, joyful and unusually pleasant that in Russia so esteem classical music. It gives rise to hope - the composer has shared.

As to three compositions written specially to Competition (to Kshishtofa Penderetsky, John Koriljano and Schedrin), that, in opinion Rodion Konstantinovicha, All three composers put one purpose - to set konkursantam a problem from hard that they could show not only the technical possibilities, but also sensation of dramatic art whole, and also to orient in those agogicheskih and tempo designations which each of three authors has written also which significance not smaller, than each note " is attached;. Answering a question on semantic hints on Tchaikovsky music, the composer has noticed that the name deciphers a plan from two parties : the First - the composition is written with the certain address: Tchaikovsky Competition and, hence, Tchaikovsky. The second - there is hints from August from Seasons is it is registered in notes, I admit about it the printing edition. That is it is printed in black and white - whence I have stolen it. So the big secret is not present. The masterly composition, absolutely uneasy for the executor but if it can master it, it once again will confirm its advantage .

By the way, Schedrin - the pianist. He studied at Jacob Fliera and considers it the tremendous teacher . When me ask, who for rumpling the best pianist, I tell Gorovits, - the composer makes comments. - and on the second place for me Flier, not because I at it studied, that is why that it for me the great pianist. On the third place - Gilels. To step on the stage, it is necessary to be engaged. And in the course of time it is more, instead of it is less. An old joke: there is across New York a person and asks the passer-by How to get in Carnegie - a hall? and that speaks Praxis, praxis and praxis! .

At a meeting again there was a question about present bifurcation Tchaikovsky Competition to Petersburg and Moscow. Rodion Schedrin considers it the fine decision : Moscow as - that all got, and in Petersburg music love at all less . So start up organise the competition, what for to take another`s brand? - has sounded in the answer then the composer has crafty noticed: Excuse me, Tchaikovsky has some relation to Petersburg and not smaller, than to Moscow .

Among recent premieres of compositions of Rodion Schedrin - a double concert for a piano, a violoncello and a symphonic orchestra which has a subtitle a romantic gift also it is devoted Martha Argerih and Mishe May. such double concerts, as far as I know, in the history of music was not, - the author tells. - absolutely great two musicians played, and for Martha Argerih it was some kind of rubikon - she never played modern music. And I have written not easier, than that you heard today. And already before the premiere when I found out - to come to me on a premiere or she will play other composition, - its manager has told to me: learns and says that is very difficult. Then Martha Argerih spoke: you have written very difficult party, but you very good pianist, I heard you and I know your possibilities. So for present konkursantov I did not write intentionally difficult because all - taki should be convenient for playing music. And   already today`s listenings have caused in me positive feelings .

Conversation on other themes has mentioned a question of technical progress and the relation to it the composer - in what kind he writes down the products: on a paper or in an electronic format? I do all in the old manner, the handle, - Rodion Schedrin has told. - but in general the computer I use - I can read and   to send email, I can glance in youtube or in google, but I am not torn further. Let`s tell, a mobile phone at me always in a pocket, but the spouse washing does not use a mobile phone. I more progressive. Certainly, that occurs in the world of technical perfection is curious, but sometimes it frightens. In - the first, rate with which there are innovations. Only you have mastered something, as there and then speak yes that you, it is all it is necessary to throw out! then you feel absolutely inutile person .

that remains firm in life of the composer, and is not subject to any spirits of the times and progress is their feelings with spouse Majej Plisetskaya. we did not try to do specially something, means we simply ideally have descended to each other, at us amazing relations, - Rodion Schedrin shares a true love secret. - we do not have any oppositions, in the spirit of you the first, I the second . When me name Mr. Plisetsky I do not take offence, when it name frau Schedrin she does not take offence. It seems to me, much depends on its exclusive character. I in general consider that it has got to us from any other solar system. As a result we 53 years of official joint life. And it is already serious .