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In Lvov all mass actions

In Lvov are forbidden on June, 22nd all mass actions are forbidden on June, 22nd. City authorities are afraid of disorders in 70 - ju anniversary from the date of the Great Patriotic War beginning.

On the eve of a holiday in the Lvov City Council demands for carrying out of actions from the contradictory organisations have arrived. A number of nationalist movements was planned by actions at a monument to victims of communistic crimes. The Communist party of Ukraine wanted to spend the antifascist congress of intelligency to the same time.

Oils have added the Jewish organisations to fire Jews against anti-Semitism and Jews against Gurvits which have wished to organise antifascist meeting in city centre. Heads of the Jewish societies of Ukraine have declared that do not concern this action and have accused these organisations of attempts to provoke nationalists.

the Lvov City Council has brought an action the claim with the requirement to forbid all mass actions on June, 22nd. City council where the party of nationalist sense " has the majority; Freedom of scenario repetition on May, 9th when the Ukrainian nationalists trampled down are afraid and burnt red flags, broke from passers-by georgievskie ribbons, fought with militia. The city administration does not believe peaceful assurances of social movements what on June, 22nd not to turn to the next slaughter.

the Chief of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Bogdan Shchur has urged all potential participants to keep calmness and has underlined that law enforcement bodies will make everything to avoid provocations and skirmishes . All city actions in Day of grief on victims of nazi and communistic modes in Ukraine will pass in a militia cordon.