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Started the second stage of Competition of Tchaikovsky on a nomination a violin

In the Small hall of the Petersburg conservatory six participants on a nomination a violin have acted, and, this day all three girls who have passed in the second round have played.

Listenings one of the youngest participants of competition, eighteen-year skripachka from the USA has opened Nensi Chzhou. Nensi has dropped out honour of premier execution obligatory for all participants of the second round of the play of John Koriljano STOMP. For a violin solo Koriljano has included elements of jazz improvisation In the six-minute composition, bluegrass, and also repetitivnoj technicians. Additional complexity for the executor represent ordered by the author in parallel with game pritopy a foot, and also non-standard adjustment of extreme strings so instead of fifths tritons sound. For Nensi Chzhou last factor has created problems even not so much during execution, how many after. Right after STOMP, having begun Variations on an original theme Venjavsky, the performer has sharply torn off game, having understood, what not could adjust purely anew a violin, and only after additional fine tuning has continued the performance which has appeared, alas, not by most successful.

Nigel Armstrong Playing by the second number looked more confidently, having shown in the play of Koriljano even a circus trick, having thrust a violin and a bow for a back, continuing to drive it on strings. In performance of the American violinist it there was, probably, a high point, and STOMP - the gone most right number. In other products of the presented program its game was dry and malovyrazitelnoj. Well and Whether Korean Marisol who has found expressive strokes and bright paints in Imagination on themes from an opera " has finished the first three of executors; Carmen Vaksmana, and also unique completely played three parts of a suite of Tchaikovsky Memoirs on expensive place .

Contrast to a full-time department was made by the evening listenings which have collected a packed house, aspiring on which, public attacked the leader in the Small hall a ladder literally. As it has appeared, knowingly. Each of three evening participants has appeared the mature developed musician, without any doubt worthy to continue the further competitive competition. Andrey Baranov has shown almost faultless possession of style of each of the products presented in the program. Frank`s violin sonata was rapsodichna, is measured and is simultaneously strict. Lyrical melodiousness was combined in its game with rigid feeling of the form. With tremendous sarcasm and humour Shostakovich`s four preludes from an opus 34 in transposition for a violin and D.Tsyganov`s piano have been played. Each of preludes (7, 11, 12, 19) has appeared as an especial small world, with the mood and the toy passions. In Imagination Venjavsky on themes from Faust Gounod Andrey has shown confident possession of all spectrum of violin receptions and a workshop ottochennost each episode (that only there is a delightful waltz fragment with flageolets). Rams were presented, probably, by the thought most over variant of execution of the obligatory play of Koriljano. Except skilfully found different shades of a violin sound even in pritoptyvanijah there was a dramatic art and a dynamic line.

the Favourite of students - konservatortsev Sergey Dogadin also has included Frank`s played by heart with the big expression by a roundish beautiful romantic sound violin sonata in the competitive program. Openness inherent in Sergey, an emotionality and impulsiveness, were showed in the second round still in bolshej to a measure. Its bargaining chip, certainly, the romantic music demanding more technical equipment, rather than intellectual concentration. Therefore it is very successful for Dogadina there was a choice of Introduktsii and Nikolo Paganini`s variations on a theme from Fine melnichihi Paiziello where it was possible to be developed in all shine of violin technics. Whether

the Present actress Dzhehe has proved to be acted in the conclusion skripachka from South Korea. In - the first, very interesting there was a program: Schuman`s seldom executed First violin sonata, Paganini`s Dedication SHnitke, popular the Brilliant polonaise Venjavsky and obligatory for all the play of Koriljano. In - the second except brilliant technics, Whether to the uttermost confidence and emotional infectivity of Dzhehe has shown powerful intelligence and own art vision. The chosen most complicated play of Alfreda Shnitke Paganini`s Dedication (written, by the way, the composer for the winner of III competition Tchaikovsky Oleg Krysy) has been played it is surprisingly thin, with understanding of all most thin hints with which the composer has filled ten-minute compositions. It was really present tool theatre as it and is supposed at Shnitke. Right after listening end (it would be desirable to tell right after a concert ) a part of spectators side scenes have followed to congratulate Korean skripachku and to take from it the autograph, and it already the certificate of, Whether that Dzhehe in the game has overstepped the limits of simply competitive format.