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The complete list of passengers They is published be 134, broken near Petrozavodsk

the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation publishes the list of passengers They be 134, broken under Petrozavodsk. In total onboard there were 52 persons, 44 persons were lost. A condition of seven of eight survived   it is estimated as the heaviest.

the Specified list of passengers as of 08:00 Moscow time 21. 06. 2011

1. Krivchenko Tatyana Petrovna (Samara)

2. Terekhin Anton (9 years, Southern - Sahalinsk) - is hospitalised

3. Terekhin Anastas (14 years, Southern - Sahalinsk) - is hospitalised

4. Terekhin Oksana Anatolevna (Southern - Sahalinsk) - is hospitalised

5. Vetterut Jacob (the citizen of Sweden)

6. Chernetsky Alexey Jurevich (Tomsk)

7. Shljahtich Alexander Sergeevich (Omsk)

8. Hartvig Oleg Leonidovich (Kareliya, the item CHalnau)

All about an air crash in Kareliya: the reasons of wreck of the plane, lists lost and survived, opinion of experts

9. Mitjagina Elena Mihajlovna (Moscow)

10. Kalinin Michael Ivanovich (Petrozavodsk)

11. Nikujko Nikolay Nikolaevich (Volgograd)

12. Sofrin Pavel Gennadevich (Moscow)

13. Samatov Farhad Samatovich (Ivanovo)

14. Nazarov Valentine Vatslavovna (Segezha) - it is hospitalised

15. Nazarov Anna Ivanovna (Segezha)

16. Klevanov Alexey Nikitovich (Moscow)

17. Alerds Hans Guenter (the citizen of the Netherlands)

18. Stepanov Vladimir Alekseevich (Moscow) - it is hospitalised

19. Trofimov Andrey Petrovich (the Nizhniy Novgorod region, sanatorium the Green City )

20. Saenko Igor Petrovich (Mosk. Region, Lyubertsy)

21. Borunov Andrey Anatolevich (Moscow)

22. Tchernikov Elena Jurevna (Moscow)

23. Kuznetsova Natalia Mihajlovna (Moscow)

24. Eremin Sergey Vladimirovich (Moscow)

25. Belgesov Sergey Nikolaevich (Moscow) - is hospitalised

26. Kargopolova Alexander Jurevna (Kondopoga) - it is hospitalised

27. Gordeyev Marina Viktorovna (Moscow)

28. Banjuk Gennady Fedorovich (Mosk. Region, Podolsk)

29. Trunov Nikolay Borisovich (Mosk. Region, Podolsk)

30. Simanova Lyudmila Anatolevna (a dual citizenship of the Russian Federation, the USA)

31. Simanov. Alexander Jurevich (a dual citizenship of the Russian Federation, the USA)

32. Simanova Elizabeth Aleksandrovna (a dual citizenship of the Russian Federation, the USA)

33. Simanov Ekaterina Ignatevna (a dual citizenship of the Russian Federation, the USA)

34. Ryzhov Sergey Borisovich (Mosk. Region, Chekhov)

35. Petaj Vladimir Leonidovich (Petrozavodsk)

36. Markov Sergey Nikolaevich (Petrozavodsk)

37. Lyalin Valery Filippovich (Moscow)

38. Maslov Dmitry Vladimirovich (Moscow)

39. Osipov Ljubov Viktorovna (Petrozavodsk)

40. Osipov George Igorevich (Petrozavodsk)

41. Osipov Anastas (Volgograd)

42. Onishchenko Christina Anatolevna (the citizen of Ukraine)

43. Simovjan Vagram Sarkisovich (the citizen of Ukraine)

Crew of the plane THEY be 134 - 3

1. Feodors And. I

2. Karjakin S. N

3. Attaev A

4. Timoshenko V. E

5. Fedorchenko A. A

6. Kornjuk M. N

7. Gurin Julia Sergeevna

8. Skvortsova Julia Sergeevna - is hospitalised

9. Yerofeev E. N