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The new Japanese supercomputer became the most powerful in world

the New Japanese supercomputer K Computer, capable to carry out more 8 kvadrillionov operations in a second (petaflops), became the most powerful supercomputer in the world, having bypassed on productivity the Chinese computer complex Tianhe - 1A.

as it is informed on site Top500. org where the rating of the most powerful supercomputers of the world is regularly made, Japanese K Computer, being in scientifically - research institute RIKEN, is more productive the Chinese competitor which computing capacity makes 2,6 petaflops, approximately three times.

the Third line of a rating of supercomputers is occupied with the American supercomputer under Jaguar name, created by company Cray. In total in ten the most powerful supercomputers there are two computers from Japan, two - from China, five - from the USA and one - from France.

the Most powerful Russian supercomputer Lomonosov created with the assistance of experts of the Moscow state university, takes the thirteenth place in a rating. Its capacity makes approximately 0,67 petaflops.