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Today there will pass the action a memory Candle devoted 70 - letiju the Great Patriotic War beginnings

the National action a memory Candle on the eve of 70 - summer anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War will pass today in Russia and abroad. On the eve of June, 22nd - Day of memory and grief - in 22:00 thousand fires in memory of victims will be lighted by veterans and active workers youth and public organisations on military burial places, memorial complexes, in windows of houses.

In Moscow the action will begin solemn ignition of the general memory Candles during divine service in the Elohovsky Bogojavlensky cathedral. Then participants will set fire from the main candle and will transfer fire on venues of memorial actions. In capital the mountain Poklonnaja - " becomes such place; an unquenchable candle will take a worthy place in the Hall of memory and grief of the Central museum of the Great Patriotic War.

In Sverdlovsk area from a blast furnace spark today, in memory 70 - summer anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, will light back Fire . It will be delivered from one of factories in the centre of Ekaterinburg in the special capsule executed from a shell, found Sverdlovsk regional search group on fields of battles. Here, in city centre, on the Area of 1905 there will pass the international memorial action a memory Candle . Under sounds of a metronome participants of the action, after veterans of war, will light pominalnye candles.