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Heinz Fischer will correct in Austria till 2016

the Working president of the Austrian republic Heinz Fischer is re-elected for the second six-year term.

It has gained more than a convincing victory over two competitors, having typed   78,7 percent of votes.

the Representative of far right Austrian party of freedom Barbara Rozenkrants has received hardly more than 15 percent of votes of voters, and head of not numerous Christian party of Austria created in 2005 Rudolf Goering - 5,8 percent. Fisher after the announcement of results of elections has declared that about such extremely a good result is not dared even to dream .

On elections in Austria the lowest is fixed in a post-war history of voting result. To urns on sites have come a little more than 49 percent of the Austrian voters.

Many have explained absence by that the name of the main winner of elections was obvious even before voting.

Austria, according to the country constitution, is parliamentary republic, and powers of the president in many respects have ceremonial character.