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Alexey Batalov: the Film cranes " Fly; Alexey Batalov in a film " was objectionable to the authorities

; cranes " Fly; has not simply played a role of one of millions fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War - for spectators who have instantly fallen in love with the image created by the actor, it remains till now a courage and nobleness embodiment, worthy to pride of the whole people. On the eve of a great holiday Alexey Batalov remembers the brightest in product his life war:

- More all I have approached with war in many years after a victory - when acted in a film cranes " Fly;. Though this experience, of course, not to compare with front - I only played, and they died. In military years I was too young, did not make a choice itself, everything that occurred, reached me through surrounding adults.

I the person unmodern, do not know, how to the new person reading any garbage, to explain that I felt, reading verses and books about war. I do not know how to choose among them favourite. At once Michael Isakovsky`s verses " are remembered; Enemies have burnt a native hut but then, after war, not that to love and eulogise, even it was not accepted to read them. I remember, how someone, having read from a scene these shrill lines, was reprimanded by the heads. Nekrasov`s story In entrenchments of Stalingrada I have read already the student. How to describe, what felt? There are no such words is it is necessary to worry. And this duality was in all: on the one hand - about war, about a victory, actually - about an immense grief. What to speak, even cranes " Fly; to the authorities it was objectionable, though more than ten years then has passed.