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Near to metro station VDNH the unhealthy goods

Near to metro station " are found; VDNH in Moscow, in territory rynochno - a warehouse complex, law enforcement bodies have found out a large quantity of consumer goods, unhealthy.

In Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation to the correspondent have informed that during a search of warehouse the goods with a sharp chemical smell have been found. Examination has shown that the withdrawn goods do not meet the requirements of safety. Criminal case as regards 2 articles 188 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (contraband) and article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (storage of the goods which are not meeting the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers) is brought. The law provides for such crimes punishment till ten years of imprisonment.

During searches the numerous press of fictitious Russian legal bodies and the press of the foreign offshore companies with the registration documents, used by malefactors, machine tools for manufacturing of accessories with logos of known world brands, samples already finished goods with logos of these trade marks have been found. Under the expert`s statement, have noted in SKP, samples of the fabrics withdrawn from these warehouses, are recognised by not meeting the requirements of safety of life and health of the consumers, not corresponding to requirements of GOST of the Russian Federation. The consequence does not exclude that on end of searches, probably, new criminal cases under articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation " will be got; Contraband and Storage and sale of the goods, not meeting the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers .

Such quantity of deliveries to Russia the dangerous goods, under the statement sdedstvija, became possible thanks to constantly operating, and long time, to the illicit channel. Also on volumes these deliveries are comparable to goods turnover in the former Cherkizovsky market. By the way, on an underground warehouse law enforcement bodies left during the investigation of the criminal case connected with realisation of the counterfeit goods in territory of the Cherkizovsky market.

By means of this channel of contraband illegal deliveries of fabrics and accessories on the large markets of capital region, such as the market " were carried out; the Gardener trading - a hotel complex Sevastopol and others.

In SKP have noticed that the consequence obtains the data about participation in these crimes of natives of Afghanistan, India and other Asian countries. In particular, the proprietor of a warehouse complex through whom illicit deliveries were carried out, the citizen of India is. In 2004 it has got in a controlling interest of factory of children`s furniture, and after bankruptcy in its territory has organised the underground market of textile production and sewing accessories. Check also has found out that workplaces, and also the places intended for residing of foreign citizens, are in an insanitary condition.